Small Spaces, Big Impacts. Designing Bathrooms & Kitchens for Apartments

Small Spaces, Big Impacts. Designing Bathrooms & Kitchens for Apartments

With apartment living in Australia growing exponentially year on year, attention to detail on both the function and overall aesthetics of apartment design is in full focus.

Whether you’re buying off the plan or are looking at an overhaul of your current apartment’s floor plan, understanding the best way to take advantage of your space is integral in the planning process.

We sat down with one of Sydney’s leading residential developers, ALAND Developments, for their top tips on making the most of your apartment’s kitchen, bathroom and overall design.

Light, bright and open is key

To get the most out of your floor plan, ALAND’s key tip is to aim for an open-plan design and to take advantage of light wherever possible, as apartments usually have to make their tighter floorplans work harder for their residents.

"Create open plan, light, airy spaces that suit all lifestyles and ultimately make you feel happy to be at home."
Laura Armstrong, ALAND Marketing Executive

To make the most of the natural light in your apartment, consider the spaces you use the most in your home and plan accordingly. Frequently used features and spaces qualify best for the natural lit areas of the home, such as the living and dining spaces.

  • Schofield Gardens Designer Bathroom

  • Schofield Gardens Designer Bathroom

It’s all about the vanity unit

In every bathroom – whether main or ensuite, a functional vanity unit is essential, and as ALAND advises, it’s the most important area of an apartment’s bathroom to focus on.

A wall hung vanity takes advantage of available space in a small bathroom. Exposing the floor with wall hung vanity units and toilets can create the illusion of space and promote a calm, open space.

A spacious and well-designed vanity is very important as it is the focal point of a bathroom. Providing ample storage, well lit mirrors and beautiful tapware goes a long way!”

The possibilities are endless with vanity ranges like the Posh Domaine range, with well over 300 configurations to suit any user’s requirements.

Never skimp on quality

With an overall focus on quality in every element of the home, ALAND’s ultimate tip is to think of the products you use every day and focus your attention and budget there.

"Quality fixtures and finishes are very important. At ALAND we pride ourselves on providing meticulously designed apartments that will stand the test of time."
Laura Armstrong, ALAND Marketing Executive

Good quality tapware is a non-negotiable, and ALAND recommends not to forget the humble sink. “The kitchen sink is one of the most used spaces in a household, so it’s important to design this space with durable, high quality materials”, says Laura. A great indication of a quality sink is its domestic warranty – we recommend enquiring about every product’s warranty prior to purchase.

Check out the array of durable sinks by Memo – packing a 30 year domestic warranty for ultimate peace of mind.

  • Schofield Gardens Entertainer's Kitchen

  • Schofield Gardens Entertainer's Kitchen

Invest time in planning the kitchen layout

One of the most common mistakes in kitchen design as noticed by ALAND is not making the best use of space.

"An important part of designing a beautiful kitchen is being careful with placement of the necessary appliances to allow the area to appear open and spacious."
Laura Armstrong, ALAND Marketing Executive

The best way to start planning is to literally map out where the fridge would go and see where the door comes to, and whether that interferes with where a drawer with particularly heavy pantry items will be.

Not only will this help with overall design, but also make using the space easier for years to come.