How to Style Your Bathroom for an Open House

How to Style Your Bathroom for an Open House

Did you know that your bathroom has the potential to make or break a successful sale?

Here are our four top tips for successfully switching up and styling your bathroom before putting your home on the market.

#1: Update a few key fixtures

Spending where it shows can create a large impact and a few modern accessories can really revamp a space. Better yet, smaller accessories and fixtures generally don’t take too long to install. The Mizu Drift range spans everything from taps to toilet roll holders in four trend-forward finishes, letting you breathe new life into your bathroom by simply switching out some smaller items.

Alternatively, Posh Domaine has some beautifully finished showers and taps that can be easily retrofitted. Just remember to contact your plumber as early as possible to have any new products installed before your open house.

Wall hung vanities create the illusion of space.

#2: Create space and light

House buyers’ top concerns are often space and storage. Investing in a new vanity is an easy way of giving your bathroom more of both. Wall-hung vanity units create the illusion of space while also providing versatile storage space. The Posh Domaine Vanity range is the go-to for vanity units that are affordable, customisable, and contemporary, available in a variety of finishes for you to truly make your own.

#3: Clean and declutter

Each potential buyer wants to visualise themselves in the home being inspected, and that includes imagining their personal items in your bathroom. Clear away any of your own items before an open house so that you’re providing them with the space to envision their dream bathroom set-up.

Finally, when it’s time to clean, we recommend looking at your bathroom with a fresh eye. Pay attention to areas you may not touch often, such as above the shower head, windows and around your vanity so that the entire space is spotless.

Allow the potential buyer to visualise themself in the space.

#4: Make the space feel desirable

Appealing to a buyer’s aspirations here will set you up for success. Invest in nice hand soaps, display face and hand towels and make sure your air freshener is topped up. Plants are also a great addition—think terrariums and succulents that look beautiful and are easy to take care of.