Your First Home: Four Ways to Create a Better Bathroom for Less

Your First Home: Four Ways to Create a Better Bathroom for Less

There’s nothing like the feeling of buying your first home. For the first time, you can create have the power to set up a space that truly belongs to you.

The good news is that updating your bathroom to reflect your sense of style can be really straightforward by focusing on updating fixtures and fittings within your current floor plan. Here are four ways you can update the bathroom to make it feel like yours.

Keep it simple

One of the easiest hacks to introducing your sense of style is to paint the tiles. You may want to update the current tile colour so it feels fresh, or you can choose a colour scheme that feels more uniquely you. Just don’t forget to buy bathroom paint, which can withstand the influx of steam and heat.

The same but different

Get the most mileage out of the budget you have by replacing items like for like. Work with the basin and tap configurations that you have e.g. three piece taps and update within the existing layout.

For example, if you have a semi-inset basin already, you can update to a better quality one in a similar set up. The same applies to taps; if you have a single basin mixer, updating to one in your preferred colour is a great way to use part of your budget.

Finally, if the vanity unit doesn’t deliver you the storage you need, keep the same footprint to avoid having to retile the area which can really eat into your cash flow.

Swinging or sliding?

Avoid ducking and weaving around the door in a tight space and consider replacing it with a sliding door to free up space and reclaim a neglected corner of the bathroom. Installing a door that slides open, it’s a great retrofit option.

A change of view

A quick way to really modernise the space is to replace the shower enclosure with a glass walk-in shower screen, ideally 1,000mm long to avoid water flowing into the dry zone. It’ll increase functionality and open up the room with minimal fuss. Pair it with anti-slip floors and you have a step or ledge-free walk in shower!