Hunting For George’s Lucy Glade-Wright shares her top six tips for creating space in a narrow bathroom.

Hunting For George’s Lucy Glade-Wright shares her top six tips for creating space in a narrow bathroom.

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During COVID, Jonno and Lucy from Hunting for George, Home, Design and Lifestyle experts, took on the ultimate design project- renovating Jonno’s family beach house located on the beautiful Victorian Surf Coast. Come inside their Lorne Beach Project as we look at their key inclusions to maximise their layout and create flow in their narrow bathroom.

1. Get more out of your floorplan with sliding doors

The original room had a regular door which, Jonno and Lucy transformed into a sliding door by building a cavity in the wall. With the extra space this gave them, they were able to tuck the toilet into the corner and create more room, which Lucy used for a bigger vanity. Maximising your floor plan to allow for larger features like vanities, showers and baths was important to Lucy to capitalise on the functional aspects of her bathroom products. Tools like Imagin3D are the perfect way to test a range of layout and product selections so you can get the most out of your space.

2. Mindful vanity and shaving cabinet selections

When it comes to selecting your vanity, Lucy suggests selecting long pieces to elongate the room in your bathroom - and who doesn’t love some extra storage and bench space?! Opting for a wall hung vanity will help make the room feel more open and makes for easy cleaning.

Recessing your cabinets will give your bathroom a more streamlined, cleaner aesthetic. The mirror door then sits flush with the wall for an elevated look. Choosing cabinets over mirrors with maximum storage space, power points, built in magnifying mirrors and adjustable shelves help to maximise storage and functionality in the space.

Lucy selected the Kado Lussi 900mm Wall Hung Vanity and Kado Lussi 1080mm Shaving Cabinet.

3. Can I fit a bath?

Baths are great for future proofing your home and essential if you have young kids, they are also a necessity for Lucy when designing a home. Like most features, Lucy recommends going as big as you can in your narrow space. If you are struggling for space, inset and back to wall baths are your best option. The Posh Domaine Back To Wall Bath and Posh Solus Back To Wall Bath are both great, affordable options and available in sizes ranging from 1500mm to 1700mm.

4. Choose a focal point

A huge part of creating the illusion of space is capturing and controlling the eye’s gaze. Lucy recommends making a focal point at the end of the bathroom to draw attention to the length of the room. In the main bathroom of the Lorne beach house, Lucy did this with the bath, but you could also use a shower, wet area, or a vanity.

5. Opt for vertical objects

Vertical objects will also help to create an illusion of space by drawing the eyes upwards, making the room appear bigger. Achieved by overhead shower, vertical tiles, a tall, mirrored shaving cabinet like the Kado Lussi Cabinet and the Milli Mood heated towel rails.

6. Include curved features

Using elegant curves, soft edges and arcs can help to make a space feel more open and spacious. To do this, Lucy used objects like the organic curves of the Kado Lussi solid surface vanity basin, mirror cabinet and Kado Lux toilet.