Inset Vs Freestanding Baths: Find The Right Bath for You

Inset Vs Freestanding Baths: Find The Right Bath for You

While the shower may reign supreme in your morning routine, having a show-stopping bath as a centrepiece and place for relaxation can really make your bathroom sing.

Whether you’re catering to a family or designing your dream bathroom, our tips make choosing the right bath easy.

Kado Lussi Freestanding Bath

What is a freestanding bath?

Freestanding baths have a bold look, forming the absolute focal point of your bathroom. They don’t need wall support, so they can be placed anywhere in the room – even in the centre for dramatic impact.

Freestanding baths are available in a variety of styles and materials, from pressed steel to the organic matte feel of a solid surface material. The style of the bathroom and those using it may give you direction as to the right material for you – for example acrylic and pressed steel may be best for those with young children.

When it comes to the size of the room, freestanding baths work best for bathrooms with a little more wiggle room. With freestanding baths beginning in size at 1500mm in length, you may still be able to make one work for your bathroom if it’s on the smaller side.

One of the biggest considerations to make when looking at the placement of a freestanding bath is ensuring it’s far enough from the wall to allow for ease of cleaning behind the bath – we recommend at least 100mm.

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Inset Bath - Dianella Main Bathroom by Webb & Brown-Neaves

What is an inset bath?

If you’re working with a smaller floor plan, an inset bath can be a great choice. There’s a number of different sizes available – from 1200mm to 1900mm.

Inset baths are built into a hob — a section that holds the inset bath, and is then tiled. They’re often installed next to the shower enclosure or with shower integration to fit both a shower and bath in the one room.

The surrounding ledge makes access easy for children and is particularly handy as a ledge for parents when bathing the youngsters. The ledge can also make for some added storage space as well. You can clean the space easily, as there are no nooks for dust and grime to hide behind.

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What’s a back to wall bath?

Back to wall baths are great for those who want the support an inset bath offers, but still want the striking design of a freestanding bath.

Back to wall baths are a hybrid solution, designed to sit against a wall, but are freestanding in that they don’t need to be fixed into a recess. It’s perfect if you don’t have the space, but still want the benefits of a freestanding bath.

Posh Domaine Back to Wall Freestanding Bath

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The best way to get a sense of a bath is to experience it! Visit your nearest Bathroom Life showroom to find a bath of any type that will fit your space.