8 Must-Reads To Prepare You For Your Bathroom Project In 2020

8 Must-Reads To Prepare You For Your Bathroom Project In 2020

There’s no better time to prepare yourself with all the know-how you’ll need for your future renovation.

Perhaps you’re poolside with a glass of something cold or maybe you’re just catching a peaceful hour or two before the humdrum of family life kickstarts your evening.

If you’re taking the summer to start planning your new bathroom, we’ve got the inside scoop. From inspiration to product selection advice and finding the best team for the job, here is our summer reading list.

Bookmark this page and come back to it when you’re ready to take five and deep dive into the world of bathrooms. You’ll be well set up for your upcoming project in 2020.

Seeking out inspo

The first stage in the exciting process is finding, collecting and compiling your creative vision.

Building your vision

Where should you turn to find your inspiration? Thanks to our friends at Real Living, we’ve got some expert tips to share.

Real Living Editor, Elle Lovelock, shared with us the lowdown on how to find your bathroom inspiration at our Bathroom Masterclass in March. Read some of Elle’s expert advice and catch the video here:

How to Build Your Bathroom Vision with Real Living’s Elle Lovelock

Talking trends

Trends are a great way to bring your design, colour and material choices together. From hotel-inspired living to celebrating heritage charm with neo classic design, this year has been a stellar year for stunning and trendy bathroom renovations.

Check out our trend insights and top tips for nailing these three looks:

Three Tips for Creating a Calming Day Spa Bathroom

How Hotels are Inspiring the Perfect Staycation Bathroom

Celebrating Neo Classic Bathroom Design

  • The Day Spa Trend

  • The Hotel Inspired Trend

  • The Neo Classic Trend

Putting a plan in place

When you’ve got a firm idea of what you want to achieve, the next step is finding the products to help bring your plans to life. We’ve got some pretty solid advice on how to make sure you’re buying the best for you, as well as insight on new technologies made to enhance your experience.

Choosing quality

How do you know whether the items you love will stand the test of time? Here’s what we suggest looking out for, from material tips to warranty advice:

What Does Quality Mean When Purchasing Products?

Technology that puts experience first

Toilet tech is exciting — trust us! There’s a whole host of big and small innovations in toilets, showers and furnishings that offer you a better experience. We’ve compiled the latest and greatest to help you decide what you might want to explore.

Designing Your High Tech Bathroom: the Latest Intelligent Pieces

Ready to start building

This is the most exciting part in our opinion. However, before you dive straight into talking to tradies and ordering products, we’ve got a few bits of advice that we hope will help.

Getting the answers you need

Understandably, it can be awkward to start talking to tradespeople if you’ve never worked with them before. So you can make the most out of your relationship with them and get on the same page with your bathroom vision, it’s key to know what to ask:

Talking Trades: All the Questions to Ask When Getting a Quote

Working with a plumber

Of all the tradies out there, your plumber is the most important player when it comes to your bathroom build. Get some solid advice, straight from your bathroom’s MVP with this advice from Stefanou Plumbing:

Everything Your Plumber Wants You To Know