Is your bathroom as hygienic as it could be?

Is your bathroom as hygienic as it could be?

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Cleaning isn’t anyone’s favourite bathroom activity, but with Smart Choice products, you don’t have to compromise on hygiene or wellness.

There’s something particularly special about the time spent in your bathroom, from starting the day with a refreshing shower to ending it with a relaxing self-care ritual. But with all the time spent in our bathrooms, the much less glamorous act of keeping it clean isn’t something we enjoy quite as much.

Thankfully, there are a range of steps you can take to create (and keep) your relaxation space sanitary, without the need for extra scrubbing or harsh chemicals. Innovative new technology and touch free fixtures are making it easier than ever to keep your bathroom cleaner for longer - Reece is home to a range of SmartChoice products that will help you achieve maximum hygiene.

Designed to enhance your bathroom experience, and keep bathroom bacteria at bay, these state-of-the-art smart fixtures are the must-have additions to any bathroom.

Roca In-Wash Inspira Smart Toilet

Rimless technology

Fast becoming the industry standard in Aussie homes, rimless technology allows for a more hygienic bathroom experience, with an easy to clean design, and less space for germs to hide. Featuring soft curves and strong lines, coupled with innovative new tech, the Roca Inspira Round Close Coupled Back to Wall Toilet Suite features a unique rimless design. Coupled with an antibacterial SUPRALIT seat, it offers the ultimate solution to bathroom hygiene and quality.

Taking the lead in the world of bathroom technology, however, is the smart toilet. Combining style and functionality, smart toilets like the Roca In-Wash Inspira Smart Toilet, are perfect for any home. Elevate your personal hygiene experience with the combined washing and drying functionality, an easy to clean rimless design and adjustable bidet temperature and positioning with an included remote.

Memo Sia Sensor Mixer Tap

Sensor Tapware

Switching to touchless fixtures, from tapware to toilet buttons, can help minimise contact with potentially germy bathroom surfaces.

Designed by the bathroom geniuses at Grohe, EuroEco Wall Mounted Sensor Tap is the perfect solution for a touchless bathroom. Featuring smart infrared technology, it reduces the spread of germs in high-touch areas.

For the hardest working room in the house, we’re loving the Memo Sia Sensor Gooseneck Sink Mixer. Available in a range of stylish finishes, it provides the perfect blend of style and hygiene, with built-in sensors that activate at the wave of a hand — making multitasking in the kitchen a breeze.

Hideaway+ Smart Sensor Button

Smart Sensor Flush

Epitomising hygiene in the bathroom, a sensor flush is key to keeping your bathroom bacteria free. The Hideaway+ Sensor button features advanced hands-free technology for a completely touchless operation that reduces the spread of germs. While the sleek, black glass plate offers a stylish and easy to clean design.

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