Knockdown Rebuild: How to Get it Right with Three Birds Renovations

Knockdown Rebuild: How to Get it Right with Three Birds Renovations

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House 14 is the latest project for renovation gurus Three Birds Renovations, but that doesn’t mean it was business as usual.

In fact, they teamed up with Rawson Homes to create a special Knockdown Rebuild package that’s actually available for purchase.

This approach is great for homeowners who may have outgrown their property, but love where they live.

The best bit? They built a home that encapsulated the Best of the Birds; a project home that combines all the clever thinking and stunning products that have turned them into one of Australia’s top home renovation experts.

We caught up with Bonnie, Erin and Lana for a chat about the House 14 project and to understand more about the planning and execution of this unique property.

How was the planning of this project different to the planning of previous homes?

It was very different to our usual projects because we usually have plans on paper for Council approval and have the flexibility to adapt the details on-site, such as changing a single vanity into a double when we’ve actually eyeballed the space.

This time we made decisions early and had to live with them. That said, we loved all the decisions we made! The only change we made was a slight tweak to the position of the kitchen island when we saw it in situ.

Were there any curveballs you weren’t expecting with planning this type of a build and how did you overcome them?

We worked closely with the Rawson team every step of the way to determine the design possibilities and the associated costs which meant there weren’t any major curveballs. The staircase was probably the biggest challenge – it was designed on paper and needed some minor changes on site to align with Bon’s vision for this important ‘moment’ in the home.

What were the unique challenges in bringing this project to life?

This project was unlike any other we’d done before. Being a project home meant it needed to be a home with a layout and fit-out that will suit many people, not just one specific family.

With that in mind, we created a floorplan and design with a wide appeal to those people who share our love of a ‘coastal cool’ aesthetic, while staying true to the ‘Best of the Birds’ aesthetics.

Watch Bonnie visit Reece Bathrooms to choose the products for the Three Birds Dream Home

Speaking of your aesthetics, you visited one of our showrooms to make your product selections. What was your experience like?

There’s nothing like visiting a Reece showroom in person to get hands-on with all the products and finishes when choosing fittings for your kitchen, bathrooms and laundry.

Eyeballing and touching everything in the flesh is the most accurate way to choose the right products for your home; we love that you can turn taps on and off to find your perfect match. There are also working shower displays that even allow you to test before you invest.

Reece showrooms are packed full of quality products for every budget and their friendly experts will help you navigate the ranges and make your selections.

Gold is a standout feature of the home. What drew you towards Mizu tapware and why was it your go-to for the project?

We used gold throughout the home for consistent pops of gold in each wet space. It’s a gorgeous, brushed gold that adds luxe vibes without being glitzy.

We chose the Mizu range for its elegant and slimline design that works in every room of the house. Its affordable price point and a fabulous range of colours make it a great option for a family home.

  • The ensuite in Three Birds Dream Home, with a pair of Mizu Drift gooseneck mixers.

  • The ensuite in Three Birds Dream Home, with a Kado Lux petite freestanding bath.

  • The main bathroom in Three Birds Dream Home, with a Kado Lux petite freestanding bath.

  • The main bathroom in Three Birds Dream Home, with a Kado Lussi thin edged basin.

  • The kitchen in Three Birds Dream Home, with a Mizu Drift pull out gooseneck mixer.

  • The kitchen in Three Birds Dream Home, with a Mizu Drift pull out gooseneck mixer.

We love supporting your mission to turn renovation dreams into reality. Having done several bathroom renovations, what are your top tips for planning success?

Decide early on if you want a flush finish from the hallway into your bathroom. You’ll need to let your builder know to drop the floor which is a structural requirement so you can’t decide to change your mind later. We dropped the floor in House 14 to avoid the step up and ensure a premium finish.

When you’re designing the vanity and mirror area, remember to consider practicality as well as aesthetics. We always plan for how the bathroom is going to be used and this will be different when you’re designing a powder room versus the main bathroom. The bathroom must meet the needs of those who will use it and how it will be used. A powder room will require little, if any storage, while a family bathroom will need a lot more. Plan for as much natural light as possible. Windows or a skylight are vital for a beautiful bathroom.

Three Birds Renovations went from dreaming about their House 14 ambitions to believing it with Reece. They’ve partnered with us because of our industry-leading selection of beautiful products that create bathrooms unique to them.