Bathroom Glow-Ups: 4 Ways to Nail a Quick Bathroom Revamp

Bathroom Glow-Ups: 4 Ways to Nail a Quick Bathroom Revamp

Reading time: 3 mins

This week on the Block, the teams are making small improvements to their rooms. If you’re following along, you may be looking at your bathroom thinking it could use some design TLC. 

Get the most out of your current bathroom with these tips for a successful quick revamp.

#1 Refresh your tapware and accessories

The most visible way to update your space is to focus on the tapware, accessories and showerheads, as these are the things you touch and use most frequently. The good news – replacing taps, showerheads and accessories that have seen better days is relatively inexpensive and straightforward.

We have plenty of tapware that’s perfectly suited to retrofitting, such as the Mizu range. Similarly to tapware, showerheads are available in a number of different colours. If replacing your showerhead is on your to-do list, it’s a welcome opportunity to see which colours you may want to try, prior to committing to a full renovation.

Granted, these certainly aren’t DIY tasks because vanity units and tapware configurations can vary widely. Speak to your plumber to ensure your new selection will work with your existing plumbing.

#2 Heated towel rails

The novelty of a heated towel rail soon wears off as you begin to wonder what life was like before one. We’re not kidding; heated towel rails keep your towels toasty, but are also great for keeping dampness out of bathroom towels and shower mats.

Cocooning yourself in a warm towel is achievable regardless of space, with single rails for smaller bathrooms and a range of wall-mounted multi-rail options for larger spaces. Consider a plug in heated towel rail from Posh; they come with all of the benefits of warmth but without the need to rewire your bathroom. 

The stylish Milli Pure vertical heated towel rails are also a great approach with their vertical design, providing an easy, space saving way of bringing some warmth to the colder mornings.

#3 Use stellar styling

Refreshing your accessories – or introducing some new ones – will have an immediate impact on your bathroom’s appeal, without spending much time or money. As we're seeing on The Block this year, styling plays a crucial role in a room's ambience and inviting nature. Try experimenting with towel patterns to introduce pops of colour. 

Start with this Kado Arc accessories bundle, for example. While it’s on trend, the ladder provides extra towel racks (like for when the kids need a post-beach shower) and the stool is a welcome addition for bath times – or just for somewhere to escape the madness.

#4 Add a touch of green

Greenery is an inexpensive way to bring a space to life - both literally and figuratively. While indoor plants play a role in cleaning the air around us, they've also been known to boost the mood and reduce stress levels too. Plants that love humidity are ideal for the bathroom, making selecting your new plant a very straightforward process.

Monstera, Begonia and the Peace Lily as the best houseplants for your bathroom because they thrive in damp, warm temperatures.

Because the bathroom is generally so much more humid than the rest of the home, bathroom plants retain more moisture in their soil, meaning that you'll need to water them much less frequently.