Pools on The Block: How to Get the Most Out of Your Pool This Summer

Pools on The Block: How to Get the Most Out of Your Pool This Summer

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This year on The Block, we saw contestants deliver five beautiful pools to match their exquisite Hampton homes.

But a pool isn’t just a set and forget addition to the home. From sturdy pool covers to unfailing filtration systems, we’ve pulled together the five ingredients you need to ensure you are getting the most out of your pool for safety and functionality – all year round.

#1: Use a pool cover

A good relationship with your pool cover can save you thousands of litres of water. Even if your pool is being used every day, the benefits of putting your cover on after use outweighs the little hassle of covering up.

Mitch and Mark's pool from The Block 2021

Aside from the obvious benefit of keeping the pool clean, a pool cover can also extend your swimming season by trapping warmth and keeping the pool warmer for longer. Beyond this, covers are also great water-savers, reducing the evaporation of precious water by up to 95%.

Maintaining the right chemical balance is of high importance for any pool’s safety and hygiene factor, and pool covers can play an important role in maintaining the right conditions. With reduced chemical consumption and the elimination of UV damage and chemicals, covers like the Henden Solar Pool Covers help maintain balance, whilst ensuring your pool is free of debris.

#2: Install an energy-efficient pump

Once upon a time, running a pool was seen as highly expensive. But with emerging technologies, energy requirements for maintaining a clean, functioning pool have drastically reduced, resulting in more money in your pocket and less impact on the environment.

Kirsty and Jesse's pool from The Block 2021

Not only are pumps now more efficient than ever, but they also provide the ability to run at different speeds, meaning you can run it low for a long period of time, or speed it up for a healthier pool in a shorter timeframe. If you’re after a pump that you’ll forget is even there, Henden Multi Speed Pumps are peacefully quiet — meaning they won’t disturb you, day or night.

#3: Upgrade your sanitisation system

At a time when keeping the home clean is at the forefront of everyone’s minds, you certainly don’t want to be swimming in an unhygienic pool. Thankfully for pool owners, gone are the days of manually adding chlorine to your pool on a regular basis.

A chlorinator converts salt to a chlorine gas to sanitise your pool water, ensuring it is healthy and safe to swim in. The Henden Salt and Mineral Chlorinator has modes tailored to suit a variety of applications, allowing you to ramp it up quickly if need be at the last minute, or save energy during times of low use.

Tanya and Vito's pool from The Block 2021

#4: Just add minerals

Minerals are a great addition to keeping your pool hygienic, elevating your daily swims by tenfold. Henden Minerals include a blend of ingredients to create a unique swimming experience. Introducing such minerals promotes a soft, natural feeling when swimming, aiding in the relaxation of the nervous system which is proven to reduce stress and anxiety.

Ronnie and Georgia's pool from The Block 2021

If you have sore muscles, minerals can also provide natural relief for muscular complaints, absorbing easily into skin tissue to help draw out impurities, leaving the skin soft and moisturised.

#5: Maintain your filtration system

Keeping your pool in top shape means clearing your filtration system of any nasties. Regular cleaning of the cartridge or backwashing of the media in your filter is an essential part of keeping your pool in stellar condition. Henden filters will ensure your pool will be kept cleaner for longer. 

Simply rinsing your cartridge with fresh water will do the job, but if you find this is not conducive to your specific system, a pool maintenance professional can also assist you.