What's Trending on The Block: Colour in the Bathroom

What's Trending on The Block: Colour in the Bathroom

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This year, contestants on The Block are injecting a sense of colour into their bathrooms, in order to create memorable and elevated spaces that will stand the test of time.

How? Through a thoughtful mix of colourful materials. Blockheads have taken colour to new heights, and have had all the judges talking.

Let’s take a look at some of the defining bathroom colour choices from this season.

A new take on tapware

This season has seen coloured tapware cement its role in Australian bathrooms. No longer seen as a trend-driven design choice, the range of colours spans from black, to brushed gold, living finishes, and even brushed nickel.

We’ve seen the contestants opt for budget-friendly Mizu in several homes, helping them achieve their vision and manage their costs concurrently. It’s a fuss-free option that we know works well with any style of bathroom.

  • Mitch & Mark used brushed gold Mizu Drift showers in their basement bathroom on The Block 2021

  • Mitch & Mark used brushed gold Mizu Drift tapware in their basement bathroom on The Block 2021

  • Kirsty & Jesse’s brushed gold Mizu Drift shower in their ensuite on The Block 2021

  • Josh & Luke used Mizu Drift tapware and showers in their ensuite on The Block 2021

Similarly, Milli Pure – made by the expert team of artisans responsible for our Scala range – has found a home in both Tanya & Vito’s and Josh & Luke’s bathrooms.

  • Tanya & Vito’s matte black Milli Pure shower in their main bathroom on The Block 2021

  • Josh & Luke used Milli Pure in brushed nickel for their main bathroom’s shower on The Block 2021

Creating an oasis

Colour has the power to completely transform your mood and no one on The Block executed this more perfectly than master enusite winners Ronnie & Georgia.

They skillfully combined a complementary colour scheme at every touchpoint, from the gloss Alape Unisono counter basins to the warm timber of the ISSY Blossom vanity, not to mention the overarching mix of soothing grey and calming greens.

Timeless soothing colour in Ronnie & Georgia’s ensuite on The Block 2021

The team’s timeless touches also include their continuation of living brushed brass finishes in their tapware and showers, from Milli Pure and Sussex Scala. This tactile finish cleverly ages over time, so will develop a characterful patina with use.

It’s a beautiful choice to create something truly unique that will continue to surprise their home’s eventual owners.

Sophisticated blacks

Tanya & Vito bolstered their rustic palette with a commitment to black that added a new level of refinement to their vision.

In a Block first, their AXA Uno rimless toilet in matte black got the judges talking, with the team being complimented on pushing the boundaries.

  • Tanya & Vito’s matte black AXA Uno Rimless toilet on The Block 2021

  • Tanya & Vito’s matte black tapware on The Block 2021

They complemented this unique decision with a dark colour palette through the hazelnut wood and black Night Sky handles on their ISSY Halo I vanity and, of course, the Milli Pure tapware in matte black. We’re keen to see if they extend this colour story in their kitchen.

Bold features

Not just content with building a home in Hampton, Kirsty & Jesse were praised for their bold take on the Hamptons design style with coastal-inspired blue hues in both their main bathrooms.

  • Kirsty & Jesse’s ensuite on The Block 2021

  • Kirsty & Jesse’s main bathroom on The Block 2021

In what the judges coined ‘coastal luxury’ the soft grey Kado Neue all-drawer vanity acts as a balance between the bold blues and matte white surfaces.

Knocking colour out of the park earlier in the season, main bathroom winners Mitch & Mark expertly paired a bold rose fan tile with a neutral tile to great effect. The smaller tiles help avoid it feeling overwhelming, particularly when paired with white grout.

Mitch & Mark’s main bathroom on The Block 2021

In both bathrooms, they shied away from traditional chrome and embraced brushed gold tapware to round out their distinct styles perfectly.

With help from our skilled team of consultants, we were able to take the contestants from dreaming about their time on The Block to believing they could achieve success with us.