Recap: Three Birds Renovations House 10 — Pool and Pavilion

Recap: Three Birds Renovations House 10 — Pool and Pavilion

In the latest episode from Three Birds Renovations, the girls work with Sophie to create a stunning space for outdoor entertaining, complete with a fabulous pool and pavilion.

A kitchen with a pizza oven, swinging bar chair, daybed, pool and luxurious outdoor shower. Who’s coming along to the party? Watch the space come to life and our recap below.

Three Birds Renovations House 10 Episode 5


With the Bell family wanting entertaining areas away from the house, the girls got to work creating a self-contained entertaining space, complete with sinks, taps and even a fridge. The AFA Infinity Outdoor Inset Square Sink pairs perfectly with the Milli Inox Sink Mixer, both made with 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel to withstand the harshest of outdoor conditions and the biggest of parties. The organic and soft square design of the sink ties in perfectly to the curves of the property and the sharp lines of the pavillion. Enveloped by the breathtaking hinterland rainforest, no doubt the Bell family will “live out here”, as Bonnie commented.

Pool and outdoor shower

Referred to by Bonnie as the “little art piece within the pool area”, the chrome Milli Inox Outdoor Overhead Rail Shower with Handshower stands in front of a rendered white wall, forming a stunning backdrop and a seamless connection between pool and pavilion.

"It’s gorgeous. I’ve got one at home, the kids use it all the time. They’re so practical but they look so beautiful."