Shower or Bath? Choosing Your Ensuite Centrepiece

Shower or Bath? Choosing Your Ensuite Centrepiece

If any room in the house needs a luxurious, personal touch, it’s the ensuite. 

A bathroom that is likely made for one or two users only; a private sanctuary not frequented by guests. Make it your dream bathroom by including one centrepiece that speaks to your needs and desires, worthy of a little extra investment — but not always a budget breaker. For most, the centrepiece will usually be a bath or shower. But how do you know which is right for you?

GROHE SmartActive Shower

The shower: a place to revitalise, refresh and escape

The smart personalised experience: GROHE SmartControl

Designed to deliver a completely personalised and flawless shower experience, the GROHE SmartControl Concealed Thermostatic Mixer is a luxe touch you’ll be happy to invest in as your ensuite centrepiece. With two or three button configurations, you can control the temperature and water flow from two to three outlets, saving those settings for next time.

To relax or revitalise: GROHE SmartActive

An overhead shower is the ultimate luxury, and the GROHE SmartActive Shower goes one step further. Designed to be paired with the GROHE SmartControl Concealed Mixer, this waterfall-like overhead shower can be set to the soft PureRain setting or GROHE ActiveRain spray, allowing you to experience the invigoration or relaxation you desire.

The flexible and beautiful: Mizu Drift Twin Rail Shower

If you don’t quite fancy a smart shower, the Mizu Drift Twin Rail Shower — in one of four colours, including brushed gold — still offers flexibility and wow-factor. The rainshower head offers full coverage flow, while the handheld shower has the benefit of reaching different user heights, localised washing, and cleaning the shower itself.

Kado Lussi freestanding bath

The bath: the centre of relaxation

If you have enough floor space, enjoy a regular bath ritual, and want to bring some visual flair to your bathroom, a luxurious bath sounds like your ideal feature choice. The latest models offer some unique benefits you just might fall in love with.

The visual showstopper: Kado Neue

Perfect as a high impact statement piece, the Kado Neue Freestanding Bath features a black and white dual tone surface, with a large arc design that offers premium support for a long, unwinding soak. A great addition to a Neo Classic-style bathroom, and stunning when paired with vintage brass taps.

The modern space saver: Kado Lux Petite

Don’t think you have enough space for a bath? The Kado Lux Petite Freestanding Bath delivers the beauty of the freestanding style, but with a smaller footprint. The thin profile of the bath also delivers on a minimalist aesthetic, making it an elegant and slim-profile addition to your personal sanctuary.

Kado Neue Freestanding Bath