Simple kitchen additions to make entertaining a breeze

Simple kitchen additions to make entertaining a breeze

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Entertaining doesn’t have to be a food-splattered chore. All you need is the right kitchen, and a few handy accessories.

Kitchen Accessories

The trick with kitchen accessories is to know when to stop. You should buy things that make your life easier, and be ruthless when it comes to, for example, electronic cantaloupe peeling machines. It’s easy to get carried away and have your kitchen resemble a wholesale chef’s warehouse, but we’ve got a few practical, easily-hidden accessories that should make your next dinner party flow more smoothly.

First, you’ll need a chopping board for food preparation. This solid ash board from Memo actually hovers over your sink, saving you valuable bench space. Likewise the Memo Mini Colander, great for draining pasta or holding vegetable scraps. When it’s time for washing up, try the Memo Wire Basket and Roller Mat, both of which can be easily stored out of sight when they’re not being used.

The Memo Chopping Board slots easily into your kitchen sink.

Sink Mixers

Mixer taps are a simple way to make your kitchen sink more practical – and stylish. With pullout spray functions and motion sensors, you no longer have to choose between kitchen functionality and making a statement.

Messy food prep pre Christmas dinner? The Memo Sia Sensor Gooseneck Mixer has an easy-to-use hands free option that minimises mess. When it comes to washing up, pullout function on the Mizu Drift Pullout Gooseneck Sink Mixer makes it oh-so-easy to rinse out those larger pots and pans, as well as your sink.

For a bit more flexibility, both in terms of stunning finishes, and water flow, the GROHE Essence New Pull Out Mixer is both stylish and highly scratch resistant. 

Available in a range of striking finishes, from matte black to a metallic brushed gold, choose a finish that will complement your benchtop and cabinetry. You can even take it one step further, and match your kitchen and bathroom tapware for the ultimate cohesion.

The GROHE Essence Pullout Mixer in graphite, guaranteed to sharpen up your benchtop.


A new sink can quickly elevate your entire kitchen, free up bench space and simplify food prep.

By sticking with reputable sink brands, you also get the benefit of custom-fitted accessories, including chopping boards, knife blocks and colanders. Franke had created an all in one solution for future entertaining with the Franke Bow Prep Centre. With space for six different accessories, you can customise your sink to suit your needs (or your Christmas lunch plans).

For something more streamlined, the Memo Zenna Single Bowl Sink is available in a range of striking and durable finishes. With the added bonus of flexible installation options and robust materials the Memo Hugo range in granite is tough enough to handle even the busiest of kitchens.

The Memo Hugo sink in granite. You can reverse this sink depending on your kitchen’s layout.