The Block 2019: Jesse & Mel's Bathroom Reveals

The Block 2019: Jesse & Mel's Bathroom Reveals

Week 12: Media Room and Hallway Week

This week on The Block was the most challenging one yet. Luckily for Jesse and Mel, their hard work and stamina paid off. Along with Mitch and Mark, their home was in a presentable state by the end of the challenge, and Jesse was confident in their ability to create a home that targeted the prospective buyer.

Shaynna loved the simplicity of the space, especially the formal living room, now that the hallway floor was complete. The hallway contained the most arresting feature of this week — a wine cabinet featuring space for 400 bottles of wine, right in the entryway. Neale thought it was ostentatious, but Darren and Shaynna thought it was a savvy move and showed market awareness.

"Jesse knows his market, and he's doing it well"
Shaynna Blaze

Jesse and Mel’s powder room this week once again showcases the couple’s delicate and informed taste. The gold border on the door adds a luxurious touch. The freestanding basin features a simple yet elegant profile, and the exposed bottle trap adds an industrial edge. The classic toilet suite finishes the space.

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Week 10: Studio Week

With two consecutive room wins under their belt, Jesse and Mel went in for the trifecta this week in a bid to win their third room in a row. Dubbed by judge Neale Whitaker this week as “masters of modern luxury”, they went into judging confident that their rooms would be a winner with both judges and buyers.

"a high-end house with lots and lots of amenity"
Darren Palmer

After seeing Jesse and Mel’s studio and ensuite, the judges deemed their house the one that will appeal to the greatest number of buyers. Darren commended the couple on frosting their glass door panels to create privacy. But while Shaynna instantly fell in love with the natural light, she wasn’t as keen on the couple’s choice of mixed finishes, venting “what has driven me crazy is polished chome in every bathroom, but we have a brushed chrome handle, and we have brass edge strips.” Jesse and Mel stood by their decision and were happy with the judges’ feedback overall.

Jesse and Mel’s studio ensuite is a luxurious space featuring soft curves and a monochromatic colour palette. The dark vanity and door frames are balanced with white walls and floor tiles for a modern, clean aesthetic. The large glass pane separating the shower gives the illusion of space, and the incredibly thin, smooth walls of the Roca Inspira basin matched with the curved oval mirror have a calming effect on the space.

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Week 6: Master Ensuites

Jesse & Mel had steady success on The Block this week, and they went to face the judges feeling confident that their continued commitment to catering to buyers would bag them to a good result.

The judges were instantly impressed by the sense of space in their master ensuite. For Neale, Jesse and Mel achieved the impossible — they turned him back onto chrome. Darren loved the frosted door that concealed the toilet and the large plane of glass adorning the shower area. While there were some details that cost them the win, they definitely succeeded in creating what Shaynna deemed the ‘ultimate luxury’.

"They’re the perfect showerheads."
Shaynna Blaze

Jesse and Mel’s master ensuite is an ethereal space devoted to relaxation. The freestanding bath seems to flow out of the soft marble tiles. Behind, the shower zone features two overhead showers and a hand shower — the unseen hero being the GROHE SmartControl Concealed Thermostatic Mixer, which sets the right pressure, temperature and flow every time. The glass shower screen separating the shower and bath makes cleaning each area easier, but also adds elegance to the zones. The discrete toilet is set behind opaque glass and continues the sense of ethereal opulence. The wall hung vanity balances the lighter palette with a soft, dark wooden element.

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Week 4: Main Bathrooms

Jesse & Mel were on edge this week and were determined to deliver a main bathroom that impressed. When the judges first walked in, they loved the space, praising the vanity and cabinetry as well as the light and open feel. On closer examination, however, the judges were disappointed in the lack of toilet in the space, and the box seat in the shower raised some eyebrows.

"This vanity, that is beautiful. It’s like a piece of art."
Shaynna Blaze

Jesse & Mel have created a contemporary space that’s immediately soothing and relaxing. The luxurious wall hung vanity captures attention and is topped with two vessel basins for dual-person functionality. The leafy plant and art-deco style lighting add quirky personality to the room. The team opted to personalise their shower with a thermostatic mixer; it’s incredible smart technology that lets you choose your exact shower pressure, temperature and flow. On the other side of the room, the curves of the freestanding bath soften the angles of the vanity. The floor to ceiling towel rail (check it out in the mirror’s reflection) becomes a design feature in the space.

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Week 1: Guest Ensuites

St Kilda locals Jesse & Mel wowed the judges with their guest bedrooms earlier in the week, but how did they fare when revealing the adjoining ensuite?

They faced significant struggles with the ensuite, and were unable to finish in time. The judges found some bright spots in their design, but unfortunately they ended the episode as the last team on the scoreboard. Time for Jesse & Mel to refocus.

"Amazing vanity — I love how they've offset the taps."
Darren Palmer

Jesse & Mel have created a moody and textured guest ensuite. The soft curves of the freestanding bath are striking when placed in front of the white marble tiles. The decision to feature a combined wet zone is a great way of clearly defining a dedicated space for relaxation.

The wall hung vanity is both elegant and practical, adding storage space and allowing for easier cleaning. Little touches like the heated towel rail add practical luxury.

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