The Block 2020: Front Garden and Façade Advice from 2019’s Contestants

The Block 2020: Front Garden and Façade Advice from 2019’s Contestants

The Block contestants take a turn for the outdoors this week. The garden and the façade are your home’s first impression to guests and anyone passing by. This is the time to impress — so we caught up with some of 2019’s Blockheads for their tips for a blooming success in your front yard.

Make it memorable

No matter your style, there’s one thing that’s true in every garden — it’s the first thing you experience in the home. Future renovators and this year’s contestants needed to craft a memorable garden, said El’ise and Matt. “This is the first place the buyer will either be turned away or drawn into your home… Connect with your emotions.”

Mitch and Mark agreed, saying that there should be a sense of narrative in the garden and façade; “have a connection and a story in common.” Deb and Andy followed suit, stating that outdoor lighting could be the key: “well placed lighting is an absolute showstopper!”

Bring the inside, out

The outdoors sets the tone for the inside of the home. Anyone renovating their home should think about the design of the interior and connect it with what’s happening outside. This creates a cohesive style that makes an impact throughout the entire property.

For Mitch and Mark, that was the most important aspect of their front garden — “ensuring the front garden had a connection with what you would find in style on entering the home”.

Deb and Andy agreed with the boys — “consider using elements featured inside in the garden too… We had oak timber flooring inside, and picked up the oak colour in timber furniture”. For future renovators, even bringing through one element is enough to create that sense of cohesion.

Think about your suburb or town’s look

Your suburb or town might not have an overarching style. Not everyone is as lucky as the 2019 Blockheads, who had St Kilda beach as their canvas! But if it does, definitely think about how your garden and façade will fit into the overall streetscape.

For El’ise and Matt, that meant showing off the history of St Kilda. “Introducing bluestone was a priority… but we have always had a love for Spanish tiles, so including them was really easy.” Jesse and Mel “wanted to keep it traditional with the blue stone pavers… it gives a sense of grandeur”.

The final tip for future renovators came from Mitch and Mark, “never mix your plant styles. If it’s cottage, stick to it; same goes for tropical.” Particular plants work together not just in their appearance, but in the overall ecosystem of your garden. A landscape expert can help you choose the best plants to create a happy and healthy environment.