The Family Bathroom: Four Things to Consider for a Cohesive Family Space

The Family Bathroom: Four Things to Consider for a Cohesive Family Space

Creating or updating a family home is an exciting time. The opportunity to create a real crowdpleaser with a cohesive space and pleasing aesthetics are ripe for the taking.

To make sure it delivers to what everyone needs, here are four things to consider implementing to creating the best family space possible.


Your bathroom needs to be a safe place for everyone. Preventing accidents in a busy space is paramount. Luckily, saftey can be built into shower floors like the slip-resistant Roca Cyprus StoneX range, family brand Posh Solus has a range of curved and swivel taps and outlets that prevent accidents, while out-of-reach storage spaces make it harder for little hands to get hold of what they shouldn’t.

Power up

Hair straighteners, electric toothbrushes, beard trimmers, blow dryers; they all need power. Getting the number of powerpoints right will bring harmony and flow to your bathroom – especially at hectic times.

Many modern vanities and cabinets, such as the sleek Kado Neue range, have integrated power sources and USB ports for improved safety and convenience. Plus they’re a great way to keep the space clutter free, too.

A lukewarm reception

During high traffic periods like first thing every morning, you need enough hot water to ensure no one goes without. Now is the right time to speak to your plumber regarding the number of hot water units you have, and may need, for your family.

Keep it off the floor

With the space in high demand at certain times of day, it also needs to be easy to maintain. Keep the room tidy and organised by using the wall space you have. Robe hooks are discrete and come in a range of colours to match the aesthetic you’re going for.

Underfloor heating can help keep the space dry and free of mold. The best thing is they’re relatively inexpensive to run – averaging at approximately the cost of a coffee per week.

Establishing a clear list of requirements for your family bathroom is a great start to creating a bathroom better than you imagined.