The Perfect Family Bathroom: Four Products That Improve Functionality

The Perfect Family Bathroom: Four Products That Improve Functionality

Creating a family bathroom that makes life easier is all about finding the right balance between functions it needs to perform, and having enough space for everyone to move around it with ease.

Choosing the right products will increase your bathroom’s functionality and make it last for the years to come. Here are some of our best family products.

Big crowd, big vanity

The busier moments of the day require adequate space to allow everyone to get out the door on time. These moments are much easier to manage when each family member has enough space. If you have the space for it, a double vanity with twice the available storage also means there’s also no longer an excuse to leave the space untidy.

Posh Domaine has a range of vanities that not only specifically cater to the needs of modern family life, but are also available in a wide range of finishes, meaning it’s easier to achieve function within your sense of style.

Control your temperature

There’s a lot going on in a family household. Being able to control shower temperature, flow and pressure makes showering much safer and is particularly useful for when kids are transitioning from bathing to showering. Ensure that transition is smoothly by taking advantage of the one-button settings and switches.

This tech is called thermostatics and it’s products like the GROHE SmartControl which gives you that control and reliability. You’ll also have guaranteed safety for the little ones with degree-perfect temperature regulation, as there’s a temperature safety button for increasing temperatures above 40 degrees.

Bathtime made easy

The right type of bath can make bathing kids easy and straightforward, so see how you can make it easier for everyone. The Posh Domaine back to wall freestanding bath is completely sealed along one wall, making it easier to clean. It also integrates a ledge for products and toys, as well as to sit on.

Making maintenance easy

Cutting down on maintenance required is one benefit of renovating. New rimless toilets are available every configuration and make cleaning a breeze because there is no internal rim for bacteria to harbor.

This technology is fast becoming the norm in households because it prevents germs from spreading.