Ensuite as a Sanctuary: Reflect Your Needs with These Five Features

Ensuite as a Sanctuary: Reflect Your Needs with These Five Features

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Designing a bathroom for you — where you can truly relax and indulge — is all about the careful selection of the products that speak to you, combined with a floor plan and design details that speak to your personal vision.

So that the bathroom space can really deliver to these personal preferences, we’ve rounded up some great products that we feel can make a significant impact.

A smarter ensuite

The ensuite is the perfect room for trying some new technology. Roca’s smart toilets have in-built washing and drying functions to keep you feeling ultra-fresh, and underfloor heating can be set to turn on before you wake each morning.

Every inch counts

An inwall toilet cistern frees up valuable space by moving the main unit into the wall. Pairing this with a wall hung toilet base makes the most of the available space, as keeping the base off the floor creates the illusion of a larger floor area, plus it’s far simpler to clean. And it delivers to an ultra-luxe feel.

The perfect shower, every time

Imagine your shower always being the right temperature and pressure for you, every single time; no adjusting and no sudden drops when someone flushes the toilets. We suggest GROHE’s programmable SmartControl thermostatics for the ultimate, uninterrupted shower experience – every time.

Changing moods

Bringing in mood lighting that improves your outlook at different times of the day is easier than you think. Need a cool light setting in the mornings to make sure you’re getting consistent light for putting on make up? Check. Enjoy a warm light that lets you relax in the evenings? Double check.

Kado mirrors include a number of LED light settings as well as the ability to defog themselves, making post-shower rituals a breeze.

Materiality at every turn

Every surface or fixture has the potential to be inviting to the touch, so consider what your products are made from. For example, ‘living finishes’ like the ones produced by Sussex Taps tarnish and develop over time, creating unique statements with their texture.

Similarly, timber in vanities like the ISSY range - seen here in Luke & Jasmin’s ensuite from The Block 2020 - create plenty of warmth, while also bolstering the space’s functionality and softening the cool effect of the tiles.