The Immersive Ensuite: Four Design Tips for the Ultimate Personal Space

The Immersive Ensuite: Four Design Tips for the Ultimate Personal Space

Designing the ideal ensuite means focusing your efforts on creating a space that delivers to your own needs and wants.

Here are four of our top tips on where to start when creating the perfect ensuite.

What’s your number one?

The first thing you see when you open the door to your space is that wow piece, your number one hero item that draws your eye in and makes a statement.

Whether it’s a vanity, a feature wall, and if you have the space, a showstopping bath, it should embody the mood you’re creating. We think this is a good tip for any bathroom, but particularly in the ensuite where personal taste reigns supreme.

Wide open space

One thing you may not have considered yet is an open plan style ensuite. Open plan living is dominating the most trend-savvy spaces, such as Three Birds Renovation’s House 10, which is packed full of our eye-catching products.

Why is opening up the bathroom taking the interiors world by storm? Reducing the number of doors and walls you have between the bathroom and bedroom means more space for indulgence. And who doesn’t want to maximise the ability to bliss out at home?!

While this style of design is very much informed by how you want to live, our takeaway tip is to discretely tuck the toilet and shower away to retain privacy when needed and make a champion of the vanity or bath, as that’s what you’ll see.

It’s the little things

We’re all familiar with those cold mornings where the shock of cold tiles makes you want to crawl straight back into bed. The same applies to the frustrating wait to get your shower temperature right before you can start your day on the right foot.

Creature comfort inclusions like Underfloor heating adds that warmth that can improve life during the winter months. It’s also relatively cost-effective to run too, averaging out at the price of a coffee per week – and that’s only when you need it!

If the perfect shower is at the top of your routine, consider thermostatic shower mixers. They have pre-set temperature, consistent flow and uninterrupted shower flow thermostatic – all tailored to your ideal shower. Technology and personalisation goes hand-in-hand, worth the investment.

If you’re interested in more bathroom technology, here is our round up of the latest in intelligent bathroom tech.

Space for two

While showers may be fought over in a family bathroom, if you are sharing your ensuite with a partner, creating space for two lets you share your routine. We recommend enlarging the shower’s footprint to accommodate separate showers for the individual users.

Take this even further and achieve perfect synergy by installing two shower mixers as well, and both you and your partner can shower at the same time, which is really handy in a modern household.