The must-see bathroom trends from Salone del Mobile

The must-see bathroom trends from Salone del Mobile

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From fashion and food, to interior design, when it comes to style and sophistication, the Italians definitely know a thing or two. So, when the iconic Milan design fair, Salone del Mobile, got back up and running to celebrate it’s 60th year, we couldn’t wait to share the must-see bathroom trends for 2022.

Roca’s latest range, ‘Ona’ offers a complete and cohesive bathroom aesthetic.

Mediterranean Style

With the launch of its latest range ‘Ona’ collection at Salone del Mobile, Roca continues to be a leader in bathroom style and functionality.

Ona (meaning ‘wave’ in Catalan) is a complete collection including basins, furniture, tapware, baths, and toilets. Designed in collaboration with international design studios in Barcelona, Ona combines warm colours, clean lines and an organic aesthetic. As a complete range, Ona allows you to create a cohesive Mediterranean look and feel across your bathroom space; a design aesthetic we see coming to the fore.

Ona is not yet available in Australia, however will be coming to Reece in the coming months.

LAUFEN’s iconic ILBAGNOALESSI in a Turramurra home.


Twenty years after the launch of LAUFEN’s iconic ILBAGNOALESSI collection, it continues to be continues to make an impact at design week.

When it was launched in 2002, ILBAGNOALESSI presented an entirely new approach to the design of bathrooms - it offered one of the most complete collections of bathroom elements that work cohesively together, or as stand alone statement pieces.

ILBAGNOALESSI displays clean lines and an intersection of form-meets-function. Made from the revolutionary SaphirKeramik, a superior ceramic material developed and patented by LAUFEN that achieves exceptional hardness thanks to corundum, a mineral component of sapphires. The use of this material has allowed LAUFEN to continue to innovate, giving designers creative freedom for a refined aesthetic without compromising on strength or durability.

With its distinctive a-symmetrical shape, its clean lines and embrace of materiality, LAUFEN’S ILBAGNOALESSI shone as a design stalwart at this year’s Milan Design Fair.

The Alape Xcross is offers the perfect opportunity to incorporate some personalisation to your space.

Personalised Spaces

Bathroom design powerhouse, Alape launched new ranges XCut and XCross at Milan Design Week, showcasing an opportunity to express one's own design personality.

Alape's driving force behind their product development is, and always has been, their desire to create unique, personalised spaces.

The new ranges express a feeling of lightness and authenticity with the new XCross range showcasing similar undertones of Australian favourite Unisono in bicolour; which combines a white glazed bowl with a striking matte black exterior allowing for creative freedom to mix and match finishes in the bathroom.