The Ultimate Guide to Growing Indoor Plants in Your Bathroom

The Ultimate Guide to Growing Indoor Plants in Your Bathroom

While we continue to spend more time indoors, seeking new ways to achieve relaxation and rejuvenation in our own home has never been more important.

We’ve teamed up with greenery guru Jacqui Vidal from the botanical emporium Ivy Muse to discover how to choose, style and care for plants in your bathroom, promoting an indulgent oasis to relax and unwind.

The right plant for your space

Plants that love humidity are ideal for the bathroom, making selecting your new plant a very straightforward process. Jacqui recommends Monstera, Begonia and the Peace Lily as the best houseplants for your bathroom because they thrive in damp, warm temperatures.

This Monstera hangs above the bath, creating a pop of colour to appreciate while enjoying an indulgent soak.

If your bathroom has little natural light, Peace Lily is your go-to, and if natural light isn’t a problem in the space you’re working with, the Monstera makes a great addition.

Unwind amongst the vines

With the majority of us confined to our homes, the bathroom might just become your go-to location to relax.

Jacqui suggests you don’t have to go ‘full jungle’ to create an escape – but by adding plants on the windowsill or even on the corner of a basin, this can promote a serene space to unwind.

Heartleaf Philodendron works well in small spaces with little to no natural light.

Growing in the dark

Just how much light a plant needs varies. If your bathroom has little to no natural light, you can focus instead on some low-light favourites.

The best low light plants are Devils Ivy or Heartleaf Philodendron – both work well in small spaces as they’re climbing plants. If you’re after a potted plant, Jacqui suggests going with a Zanzibar Gem, commonly known as the plant that thrives on neglect, meaning less maintenance!

Even dark nooks or shelves can become homes for hardy plants that love humid areas with low light.

Care for your plants

Believe it or not, you can overwater indoor plants. It’s the number one problem that the team at Ivy Muse speak to people about.

Because the bathroom is generally so much more humid than the rest of the home, bathroom plants retain more moisture in their soil. Jacqui recommends as a general rule of thumb; the top inch of the soil should feel completely dry before watering again.

To pot or to hang?

Jacqui suggests if you don’t have much floor space, hang your plants. If you need to bring the greenery up to eye level, consider the use of plant stands.

Her number one tip is to try looking at areas with a fresh perspective. Do you have windowsills? Can you add ceiling hooks? Are there any high ledges that would be a perfect position for a plant? These nooks are a decorator’s dream.

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