6 Winter-proof Solutions to Keep Your Bathroom Warm This Winter

6 Winter-proof Solutions to Keep Your Bathroom Warm This Winter

With winter well and truly here, it may become increasingly apparent that your bathroom isn’t quite capable of handling the cold mornings.

Big or small, a cold bathroom makes those frosty days make life that little bit harder to grab with both hands. Here are six ways you can ensure cold mornings are easier to manage, whether you’re making some minor home improvements or planning a whole new bathroom.

Heat overhead at the touch of a button

Picture this: it’s another cold winter’s morning. After yanking yourself out of bed you venture to the bathroom ready for the mood boost of a steamy, revitalising shower, but the hot water arrives too late and your day is starting off with a struggle.

Now imagine that you’re able to create a consistently perfect temperatures and select your ideal water pressure, at the touch of one button.

Thermostatic shower tech like the GROHE SmartControl Concealed Thermostatstic mixer makes this a reality. See for yourself:

This type of mixer needs to be installed during a renovation or refit, so bear that in mind when planning your new bathroom.

Heat underfoot

Nothing jolts you awake like the touch of a freezing tile first thing in the morning. Underfloor heating mats warm up quickly underneath the floor to keep your feet toasty and warm up the entire room easily.

For little more than the cost of a coffee a week, underfloor heating systems are a cost and energy-efficient way to keep toasty during your bathroom routine.

Heat underseat

When it comes to cold winter days, a chilly toilet seat is another inconvenience that’s easy to avoid with the heated seat feature of certain bidet seats.

The American Standard SpaLet E-Bidet features a side panel for adjusting the temperature of your seat, alongside a whole host of other innovative and practical features like washing and drying functions and an auto-deodoriser.

Heated towels

The novelty of a heated towel rail soon wears off as you begin to wonder what life was like before one. We’re not kidding; heated towel rails keep your towels toasty, but are also great for keeping dampness out of bathroom towels and shower mats.

Cocooning yourself in a warm towel is achievable regardless of space, with single rails for smaller bathrooms and a range of wall-mounted multi-rail options for larger spaces with Mizu’s range that’s shaped for every bathroom. Stylish Milli Pure vertical heated towel rails are also a great approach with their vertical design, providing an easily retrofittable way of injecting heat into the colder mornings.

Heat from above

Stepping out of a hot shower and into a cold room takes the buzz away from a delightfully refreshing shower, so consider increasing the room’s ambient temperature with a sleek and discrete overhead solution.

The most efficient way to achieve the best in lighting, ventilation and heat at once is a 3-in-1 bathroom light, heat and fan unit. They’re really easy to retrofit into existing bathrooms and can sleekly fit into your bathroom’s colour scheme with both black and white options available.

Enough hot water

Waiting for water to heat up is antagonising at the best of times, but in winter it really can make your morning routine feel like a struggle.

With more reliance on hot water in the colder months to heat, relax and rejuvenate, it’s possible to have overlooked your hot water unit and what it’s capable of.

If this is a frustration of yours, our Hot Water Selector Guide can help you figure out what you may need based on your household’s usage.