Three Birds Renovations Share Their Favourite Bathrooms

Three Birds Renovations Share Their Favourite Bathrooms

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It’s been a busy 12 months for Bonnie, Erin and Lana, the powerhouse reno trio that make up Three Birds Renovations.

Their latest project combined all the planning, layouts and products they’re known for into a ‘best of’ project – one that you can purchase through Rawson Homes.

We caught up with them to discuss which products made the cut, what they’re most proud of, and lessons they have learnt along the way.

Let’s start off by asking you this - how would you describe a Three Birds Renovations bathroom? What’s been consistent since day one?

We love to design bathrooms that are both a space to retreat to when you need to relax, and a space you can draw energy from in the mornings.

"The best bathrooms are somewhere you can cleanse your soul, not just your teeth."

No matter what the budget, the feeling we try to create in every bathroom is the same. A Three Birds Renovations bathroom is practical as well as pretty.

  • The vanity area in House 14’s main bathroom.

  • The main bathroom’s vanity in House 12.

Thinking about these projects, what has changed over time?

We’ve moved from flipping homes to creating forever homes and our bathroom design has naturally reflected this. With this, our objective changed from making profit to creating forever homes for families to love.

Let’s get specific. Which bathroom or kitchen stands out as peak Best of the Birds?

Bathrooms are such an exciting and challenging space to renovate because there’s so much to fit into one room. Some recent standouts would have to be the main ensuite in House 13 with its central LAUFEN Val bathtub, spectacular tiles and view of the garden, and the boys’ ensuite in House 13 with the internet-breaking Mizu Drift shower.

  • The ensuite in House 13, featuring the stunning LAUFEN Val round bathtub.

  • The curved shower that became Three Birds Renovations’ most liked Instagram post ever.

Which bathroom did you learn the biggest planning lessons from?

We always find smaller bathrooms more challenging to design and when our best planning skills come into play. The main bathroom at House 11 is a great example of this!

The main bathroom in House 11. Just out of shot is the toilet to the left and vanity to the right.

A square bathroom layout is not easy and being this small we needed to make it practical and still look beautiful. We managed to hide the toilet and include a wow factor with those gorgeous tiles.

You've really embraced coloured tapware. What makes you gravitate towards gold in particular?

Gold medals are what the best-of-the-best are recognised with, be it sporting events or fine wines… and we think that this carries over to tapware too! In tapware, gold makes a major statement. We love that it’s strong and doesn’t easily rust or tarnish and brings a pop of bling.

  • Mizu Drift fixtures tell House 14’s gold story

  • House 10’s ensuite is decked out in Milli Pure and Sussex Scala in living tumbled brass

Both bathrooms have so much natural light, it’s wonderful. What is it that draws you to windows and skylights for bathrooms?

Skylights aren’t usually top of mind when designing a bathroom… but we think they should be on everyone’s wish list. And the best bit? Skylights don’t take up any space on your floor plan. We love positioning them above a bath or shower to create a resort vibe but quite frankly, we’ll take a skylight any which way we can get it.

  • The shower in House 14’s main bathroom is swathed in light from the skylight above it.

  • A strong connection to nature is also present in House 10’s main bathroom, with a huge window that opened to the outdoors.

Finally, we’d love to hear a bit more about the lessons you’ve learnt along the way. What are your bathroom planning takeaways?

The smoothest bathroom renos are the ones where all the planning and designing has been done upfront, nice and early! Bathrooms are complex little beasts to renovate.

With bathroom design, layout is everything! There’s nothing worse than a small room with a crappy (pun intended!) layout… like walking straight into the view of a toilet. Nailing your layout before you start renovating is essential.

  • The user is placed front and centre here with a bath underneath a window in both House 14 and House 12, the Contemporary Cottage

  • The user is placed front and centre here with a bath underneath a window in both House 14 and House 12, the Contemporary Cottage

There is a specific order of events that must occur, meaning you can’t change your mind halfway through just because you’ve found a better idea.

Well, that’s not quite true. Technically, you can change your mind – but it will cost you time, money, and your tradie’s patience. We recommend you work hard upfront to nut out the finer details of what you want in your bathroom(s) in order to give yourself the best chance of getting what you want.

Three Birds Renovations went from dreaming about their House 14 ambitions to believing it with Reece. They’ve partnered with us because of our industry-leading selection of beautiful products that create bathrooms unique to them.