What to Consider When Choosing Your Fixtures and Fittings

What to Consider When Choosing Your Fixtures and Fittings

When you see the stunning House 10 by Three Birds Renovations, it’s clear that their choice of fittings and fixtures was instrumental to the overall look and feel of the home. 

In fact, according to Erin, fixtures and fittings should be some of the first choices you make to inform your budget and aesthetic.

"One of the biggest mistakes we see people make is not selecting their fixtures and fittings earlier."
Erin, Three Birds Renovations

Why choose your fittings and fixtures early?

The reason for choosing fixtures and fittings right from the get-go is so that you can inform the overall budget. It’s always possible to save on tiles or paint later down the track, but your fixtures and fittings should be budgeted for from the beginning to avoid a last-minute, compromised swap outs.

When you start browsing for fixtures and fittings, start taking note of product prices to input into your budget tracker. This allows you to keep an eye on your budget every step of the process so that you don’t have to make any last minute compromises.

We saw Sophie almost fall into this trap, initially allocating a lump sum to her tapware but then falling in love with a tumbled brass finish which threw her budget out of line.

"...it really affected our budgeting because I allocated a certain amount to it and in the end it was much more than I allocated because we wanted the beautiful brass tapware."
Sophie, Three Birds Renovations

Prioritising your spending

Prioritising what matters most to you in the bathroom will help you keep tabs on your budget. Coloured tapware, for example, will come at a premium due to the extra colouring processes the material has to go through. Once implemented throughout the home, this slight price difference can really add up.

With the guidance of Three Birds Renovations and Reece, Sophie was able to adjust her budget in order to make room for the fixtures she loved, thereby avoiding disappointment.

Fixtures and fittings are some of the most heavily-used features in your bathroom, meaning it pays off to invest in these items. Seeing as your tapware is used every day, it should truly reflect your style and be of a high quality in order to stand the test of time. As Erin tells us:

"I think if you're gonna have your tapware as your feature, it's certainly ideal to pick it out and price it first, and then the rest of your budget for those spaces can evolve after that."
Erin, Three Birds Renovations
  • House 10 Main Bathroom

  • House 10 Butler's Pantry

  • House 10 Main Bathroom

Nailing your aesthetic

Following this advice also has other great budget benefits. By picking fixtures and fittings that work with the existing plumbing of your bathroom and designing the rest of the space around this, you’ll be able to save labour costs and time!

When window shopping for fixtures and fittings or making your final purchases, it’s imperative to come prepared with a vision board. Once you’ve got your aesthetic down pat, it’s time to drop into your local Reece showroom to start shopping. Revisiting this vision board during your shop will ensure that your chosen taps, tiles and toilet are all in unison. House 10 is a stunning example of this, as the team were able to select tapware with a similar aesthetic throughout the home, tying together the bathrooms, laundry, kitchen and even the outdoor entertaining area.

"Planning is key when it comes to your kitchens and bathrooms. Reece has some fantastic tools to help you plan, so head in store or go online to their website to learn more."
Erin, Three Birds Renovations