Maximising Space in a Small Bathroom

Maximising Space in a Small Bathroom

Even the smallest of bathroom spaces can feel contemporary and chic with these great design tips.

Today we’re turning our attention to small bathrooms and how to get the most of a more petite space. With the latest product innovations and design tips to get the best out of a small footprint, you can turn your smaller bathroom into not only a practical space, but a beautiful one, too. From floating vanities to wet zones with both freestanding baths and showers, we’ve got plenty of ideas to help deliver beauty and innovation in the smallest of spaces.

Opt for a hidden cistern to save on space.

"There are many smart solutions considered specifically for maximising the sense of space in a bathroom."
Daniela Santilli, Reece Bathrooms

Storage for small spaces

When it comes to storage in bathrooms of a smaller footprint, check out the options for a floating vanity rather than a floor mounted vanity. Floating vanities like the Posh Domaine Wall Hung Vanity with Open Shelf add to the illusion of space in a room, with the more floor visible, the larger the room will appear to the naked eye. These wall hung vanities can still integrate ample storage, with double drawer options also available in ranges like Posh Domaine. 

Aside from vanities, recessed cabinetry also provides the ability to create the illusion of space whilst delivering all-important storage, and is an easy addition to new builds in particular. The Issy Z1 Recessed Oval Mirror with Shaving Cabinet adds a touch of refinement, with the additional convenience of two internal shelves recessed into the wall for storage unseen to the naked eye.

If you're craving more storage solutions - which we always encourage more the better, consider a tallboy. The benefit of tallboys is that they can create much needed storage without taking up too much floor space.

Tip: When choosing placement for mirrors, set the mirror to reflect any natural light to make the room appear more open and spacious.

Three Birds Renovations House 9

Three Birds Renovations — it’s all about having a plan

Renovation gurus, Three Birds Renovations, advise that early planning is key to nailing your bathroom layout — “Our best tip for saving space on your bathroom floorplan is to create a wet zone by positioning the shower next to the bath”. A freestanding bath is the ultimate bathroom luxe addition, and with compact options like the Posh Solus Freestanding Bath, finding room to integrate a feature bath is easier than you might think.

When it comes to toilets, the team at Three Birds Renovations opted for an in-wall cistern and wall hung toilet for a clean and seamless look. This does away with the visible cistern and aims the focus back on the walls and tiling. The Hideaway+ Thin Button/Plate Inwall ABS in Brushed Nickel or Matte Black is an elegant and streamlined flushing solution that can be seen as a design highlight in itself. Combined with a back-to-wall pan, such as the Roca The Gap Rimless Back to Wall Pan, your toilet will be an impressive punctuation point.

Tile tactics

Choosing the right tiles can make a big difference in the sense of space in your bathroom. When it comes to the size of the tiles, consider larger tiles to add flow and avoid as many grout lines as possible. Large tiles with minimal grout mean cleaning is easier too - it's a win-win.

Use grout effectively to balance the space. Bathroom by Alisa & Lysandra

"Larger tiles mean fewer grout lines and less disruption to the eye, so they can make a room look more spacious."
Daniela Santilli, Reece Bathrooms

Another great tip is to consider the style of tiles on different walls, for example, continuing the floor tile up the opposite wall of the bathroom entrance can create the illusion of a more elongated room.