What Does Quality Mean When Purchasing Products?

What Does Quality Mean When Purchasing Products?

You’re right at the pointy end of making a product purchase decision. 

Aesthetic preference and specifications are sorted. Now, you just need the finer details — the details that divulge the long-term value and quality of your bathroom product choices. We all know ‘quality’ is determined differently for different people. However there are some key considerations to take note of prior to purchase, including technology, longevity of the product, material/make, product testing and after-sales service.

Technologies that make a difference: how does the product enhance experience or increase efficiency?

Technology in the home is advancing as fast as ever. Before investing in new bathroom tech, do your research and consider how new or unique built-in product technologies can improve your overall experience or efficiency in the bathroom.

Example: Smart showers and Smart toilets

Personalising the type of shower you enjoy is an evolution from the type of personalisation we’re experiencing at work and home, like lighting automation, Alexa and Netflix. The GROHE SmartControl Shower and Roca In-Wash® Inspira Smart Toilet both have integrated technologies that have become the way of the future in shower and toilet technology. You can now choose a relaxing shower experience with a soft massage setting, or a refreshing wake-up with stronger water pressure—and have your ideal temperature set from the get-go. It’s all possible, and it’s available now.

Whether it’s for your forever bathroom, or perhaps an investment property, with the world advancing in technology faster than ever, technology in the home can strongly set the level of value for an overall property.

GROHE SmartControl Shower

Longevity that outplays purchase price: what your product is made of and why it’s important.

Paying attention to a product’s make and material is vital when making your final product choice. A tap may just seem like any other tap, but when you look further into the product, the make and material can make a big difference in durability and aesthetic. It’s best to look into what you’re buying to ensure it suits your personal everyday needs, and of course stands the test of time.

Example: Basins with brawn

You can purchase basins in many material types. There are classic ceramic basins, organic composite material finishes, and even steel and concrete basins. You might feel you need to sacrifice style for durability, but a combination of both is possible. A unique ceramic material like LAUFEN’s SaphirKeramik allows for the much-loved thin-edged design in basins, but still holds significant strength due to its material composition.

LAUFEN SaphirKeramik Ino Basin

How a product is made and tested: the details around manufacturing and testing.

When making a purchase decision, it’s easy to overlook the production process, from design beginnings to final testing. Understanding what goes into making a product can be a way to instil more confidence in your decision. You can usually find out where the product is made with a simple click or glance at the specifications, but some brands and companies will promote more detail around manufacturing and sustainability that ensures the product is built to last.

Example: Manufacturing and testing facilities

Before reaching the shelves of showrooms across Australia, exclusive Reece products are first sent to a dedicated testing facility, where they must be independently tested to comply with strict Australian standards. This is a rare independent facility purely dedicated to testing. This testing includes a range of methods, such as audits of products made overseas and chemical analysis (i.e household cleaner stress tests), with the aim of testing all possible failures to avoid faults in the future.

With so many innovative products are made overseas, some simply won’t meet Australian quality or safety standards. Fortunately, this means you know products will go through several iterations before they’re available to market.

Warranty for the long-run: how many years and what are the terms?

The golden rule: Always check the warranty. It should never be the single reason for your purchase decision, but it should always be considered. Look at whether it’s a repair or replacement warranty, any conditions of the warranty, and how many years you have to claim. If it’s your forever bathroom, the warranty might play a bigger part in your decision, so make sure you understand the warranty terms completely.

Example: Installation requirements

Part of understanding how your product warranty works is understanding what might void that warranty. While Reece exclusive products include a minimum 7 year domestic replacement warranty, including one year for spare parts and labour, that warranty does not apply if a licensed plumber doesn’t install the product. With this in mind, make sure you review the installation requirements and details before you purchase a product to ensure you’re not missing out on warranty benefits. View the Reece Product Quality Guarantee for more information on warranties.

15 Year Warranty on GROHE Essence Tapware

What you get once you buy: the benefits of after sale experience.

Value isn’t always price or durability—or even product at all. Sometimes it’s the service that extends beyond that. Post sale benefits are always worth attention, especially if you love a brand and they reward you for that.

Example: A consultant for the entire journey

Finding a salesperson or consultant who can help you through your decision-making from start to finish and beyond is a valuable add-on. At Reece, consultants are readily available for the entire bathroom creation process. They help you through your initial considerations to visualising what the product looks like in your bathroom, right through to final selections. And if you need advice beyond that, you can always call or pop back into the showroom.

Further benefits can include an entire team on call 24/7 for assistance or issues, future discounts, or connections to other services you might need along the way. At the very least, ask your salesperson or consultant what this looks like for your purchase.