What's Trending on The Block: Australian-made in the Bathroom

What's Trending on The Block: Australian-made in the Bathroom

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The bathrooms on The Block 2021 are an Australian-made success story, with each team opting for products that not only support homegrown manufacturing, but also push the limits with what’s possible in furniture personalistion.

Here is all you need to know about the Australian-made products that are taking centre stage on The Block this year.

Lasting design legacy

Several Blockheads have opted for a range of stunning timber furniture to fit out their bathrooms this year, plenty of which has come directly from a family business spanning back five generations.

Zuster – the sister-run manufacturer behind our ISSY range – has been making furniture that celebrates the best of Australian design.

You may recognize their handiwork in the delicate, pleated timber of Josh & Luke’s ISSY Halo I vanity, or the superb statement Mitch & Mark made with vibrant timber paneling on the ISSY Blossom vanity in their main bathroom.

  • The ISSY Halo I vanity, as seen in Josh & Luke’s bathroom on The Block 2021

  • The ISSY Blossom vanity, as seen in Mitch & Mark’s bathroom on The Block 2021

With plenty of sizes, designs and finishes to choose from, not to mention flexible interiors for all kinds of storage, contestants put their time to good use by choosing furniture that made a statement.

Sustainable local manufacturing

Across the country, more people than ever are looking at ways to support Australian businesses by bringing uniquely Australian stories into their homes, through the products they’ve chosen.

Sussex Taps is leading Australian tapware design and manufacturing right from their foundry in Melbourne. They’re the team responsible for our exclusive Scala range, such as the exquisite handshowers and tapware seen in Ronnie & Georgia’s main bathroom.

Sussex Scala handshower in Living Brushed Brass, as seen in Ronnie & Georgia’s bathroom on The Block 2021

The Milli Pure range is another Aussie made favourite, which both Tanya & Vito and Josh & Luke used to deck out their spaces.

  • Milli Pure tapware in matte black, as seen in Tanya & Vito’s bathroom on The Block 2021

  • Milli Pure showers in brushed nickel, as seen in Josh & Luke’s bathroom on The Block 2021

By crafting new tapware from recycled brass shavings, Sussex’s team of artisans can reduce waste, while helping Blockheads create beautiful bathrooms that are built to last.

It’s a beautiful marriage of finding a product of your dreams, while also having a wider impact. We think ticks plenty of boxes for contestants and renovators alike!

Made-to-measure for the perfect fit

Custom cabinetry that perfectly fits your space doesn’t have to come with a hefty price tag – as Tanya & Vito can attest to.

Tanya & Vito customised their Posh Domaine Plus wall hung twin vanity unit to perfectly match their Mediterranean-inspired staycation bathroom.

The Posh Domaine Plus vanity, as seen in Tanya & Vito’s bathroom on The Block 2021

The pair chose from nearly 30 exterior coats, dozens of benchtop finishes and an unending array of sizes, so they could find the perfect fit.

Then it was manufactured in Australia, shortening the lead time (not just a priority for Blockheads!) and championing our homegrown industry.

With help from our skilled team of consultants, we were able to take the contestants from dreaming about their time on The Block to believing they could achieve success with us.