Your Future Bathroom: the Products to Make Your Home Last Forever

Your Future Bathroom: the Products to Make Your Home Last Forever

Creating a space to enjoy living in for years to come is about balancing design and structural considerations with the products that will keep delivering consistent experiences.

We’ve outlined the products that will deliver exceptional experiences now, and continue to feel sleek while continue to deliver comfort in the future.

Firm underfoot

There are a range of slip-resistant materials like the Roca Cyprus Stonex shower floor that offer a more stable experience, plus they’re available in a range of colours and sizes. These floors also come with an integrated fall, meaning you won’t be standing in a pool of water, and transition seamlessly into the floor, meaning there’s no chance of tripping or stubbing your toe either.

One touch wonders

Make showering easy by considering how technology can improve the experience. Pre-set your shower’s temperature, flow and pressure in the push of a button with a thermostatic mixer. The GROHE Smart Control concealed mixer also remembers multiple users’ preferences. Our pro tip here is to place the mixer at the entrance of the enclosure anyone assisting you can help without getting themselves wet.

Pair it with the Power & Soul rail shower that has multiple spray patterns to allow you to adjust the water therapy you need. As it includes a handshower as well, you can also bathe thoroughly and easily while sitting down.

Make it easier for yourself

An over-height toilet like the Kado Lux Suite won’t look out of place, and your future self may appreciate the upgrade. It only raises the seat by approximately 30mm (depending on your current set up) but really can make the difference – should you need it.

Get down in the detail

Include plenty of storage so you’ll always have space—face-level storage is also easier to access without the need to bend down. Drawers are better than doors, and exposed shelves are even easier to access. Family-oriented brand Posh has a huge range of customisable vanities and cabinets, so take this consideration into your product selection.