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ECOPUR is the first choice of smart engineers worldwide. When it has to last, specify vonRoll ECOPUR every time.

When it comes to long life piping for drinking water, sewage, industrial water or gas, there is one name that continues to lead the way - ECOPUR by vonRoll. Delivering precision-engineered Swiss quality piping and fittings, ECOPUR is designed for applications that demand absolute supply reliability and investment security.

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The surface roughness of the polyurethane lining is 10 times lower than cement-lined pipes.

high performance piping

Designed for use across a range of demanding applications, ECOPUR is ideal for urban environments and fully hygienic for drinking water. What's more, ECOPUR can be installed in any soil type.

Resistant to all water types and gases from pH1 up to pH14.

corrosion free design inside and out

The innovative design of ECOPUR piping sets it apart from anything else on the market. Combing the stability of ductile cast iron with the corrosion resistance of polyurethane (PUR) lining and coating, ECOPUR ensures the perfect balance of performance and reliability.

Can be cut and drilled without causing damage to the lining.

the perfect fit through the right connections

With a wide range of fittings, the system ECOSYS (ECOPUR pipes and ECOFIT fittings) offers the flexibility to integrate with a range of existing piping systems while reducing installation times. Options include push-in socket and flanged.

Can be installed in any soil type so excavated materials may be re-used.

faster to install lightweight

Much lighter than equivalent cement-lined products, ECOPUR is easier to handle, so smaller machines can be used at the installation site. This means faster, simpler installation and greater cost savings.

A service life up to 100 years longer than standard ductile iron pipes.

peace of mind longest service life

With over 200 years of experience, vonRoll is a global leader in the development of advanced piping technologies. Available exclusively through Reece Civil in Australia, you now have access to the world's best piping system and the world class support that Reece are renowned for.

The vonRoll Difference

Hear from vonRoll's own Product Manager on why their ECOPUR ductile iron pipe is the best in class.

Manufacturing Process

See how vonRoll produce their outstanding ECOPUR pipe and learn what separates it from the rest.