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Auspex, One complete solution Auspex, One complete solution Auspex Water, Cut Crimp, Done Auspex Gas Pipe has arrived Auspex radiant, the smarter way to heat your home Auspex Fire, a revolutionary new solution

A Tradition of Trust

Proudly Australian owned and made, Auspex presents a range of plumbing products, which save time,
and eliminates waste and complications from any plumbing project.

Innovation Integrity Passion Reliability Simplicity
Auspex Water Auspex Gas Auspex Radiant Auspex Fire

Auspex Water

The Auspex Crimp System has revolutionised pipe fitting with its 'cut, fit, crimp, done' process. The system ensures your cold or hot water application is completed to the highest quality, with no hassle and ultimate security.

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Auspex water pipe and fittings

Auspex Gas

An extension of the Auspex Water System, Auspex Gas utilises the existing crimp fittings up to 32mm, and the same tools, with new multi-layered gas pipe.

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Auspex Gas pipe

Auspex Radiant

Combining Auspex Radiant pipe and existing Auspex crimp fittings, this system is the ideal choice for an energy efficient and easy-to-install solution, providing you years of comfort and warmth.

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Auspex radiant installation

Auspex Fire

Manufactured in Australia, the Auspex Fire range meets new standard requirements in the fire industry. Its unique PN20 pipe is compatible with the existing Auspex crimp fittings and tooling too.

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Auspex Fire fittings
Auspex, Tools and Accesories

Check out the tools to get you started with Auspex.

Rothenberger Compact TT Auspex Tool Kit 16-25mm

Product Code: 7701214

Rothenberger Compact TT Find out more
Auspex Ratchet Tool 16mm

Product Code: 1534107

Auspex Ratchet Tool 16mm
          Find out more
Rothenberger Tube Cutter Multi Layer 6-35mm

Product Code: 7700026

Rothenberger multi-layer tube cutter Find out more
Auspex Crimp Ring Repair Tool

Product Code: 1544077

Auspex Crimp Ring Repair Tool Find out more
Auspex Gauge 20mm x 16mm

Product Code: 9505807

Auspex Gauge 20mm x 16mm Find out more
Auspex Gas Calibrating Tool 16-32mm

Product Code: 1539759

Auspex Gas Calibrating Tool 16-32mm Find out more

The Auspex Story

Hear from plumbers who have trusted and relied on Auspex from the beginning.

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