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Bigdog Inspection Mirror Kit

Product Code: 7900039

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Mirrors offer both a practical function and a finishing design touch to any space and a perfect place to put them is your bathroom, ensuite and washroom spaces. The Reece collection of mirrors include a vast variety of styles offering a range of functional and practical elements from wall mounted pivot mirrors - perfect for shaving and makeup, to shaving cabinets – perfect for storing items used less offen.

Pivot Mirrors

Our pivot mirror range includes standard chrome detailing as well as LED framing offering clear and practical light to ensure you see every detail sharply and clearly. Choose from a range of fixtures including a full pivot arm round mirrors or a smaller swing arm round mirrors for space conscious designers.

When it comes to making the most of space in smaller bathrooms and washrooms, mirrors offer both a practical function as well as a strong design one. Large round wall mirrors provide a sinuous and organic feel with no harsh edges or corners. These pieces are great for placement in smaller spaces because they offer depth by reflecting your space and help to generate the sense of opening up walls and ceilings. Choose a space in your bathroom which allows your mirror to reflect natural light. This will help to amplify the amount of light your bathroom receives and can help to create a flowing, natural space ideal for long relaxing baths and invigorating morning showers.

Our range of vanity mirrors include a variety of styles and sizes like freestanding mirrors as well as a complete range of sleek, modern features and extras. For example, the Milli range includes an LED light frame as well as an inbuilt clock display while the Omvivo Venice range includes a delicate timber framed oblong mirror with a small storage shelf for added practicality.

View and order our entire collection of mirrors online with the Reece online store or step into a local Reece branch to chat with a specialty bathroom consultant who can help you to choose the best mirror for your space.