Pressure & Temperature Relief Valves

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Safety Relief Valve 15mm BSP

Product Code: 1005920

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A pressure relief valve, or PTR, relieves the increase of pressure due to water expanding during the heating cycle. It does this by releasing drips of hot water to the drain line.


PTRs are used in both commercial and residential hot water tanks to give automatic pressure and temperature protection to hot water supply tanks and heaters.


Our top-quality PTR valves are a part of the extensive range of valves we have for you and all your plumbing projects.


PTRs are an integral part of all major hot waterworks. So too are thermostatic mixing valves, our expansion control valves, and our dual check valves.


Discover brands such as Tomson, RMC P&T, Wilkins, and more. The best names in plumbing equipment and valve technology are here, in Reece, for you.


Have a chat with our knowledgeable staff before you start any hot water plumbing job. Make sure you have the right tools and the right equipment so that you can make the job the best job the first time.


We can also hook you up with a professional tradie to help you design your build and install all the valves and pipework with you.


Reece has a vast online catalogue for you to browse, plus over 600 stores across Australia and New Zealand.