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Reece Waterworks (Viadux + Reece Civil) is dedicated to partnering with the civil industry to develop and deliver innovative global solutions that build a sustainable future.

As Australia’s largest local distributor and solutions provider, we capitalise on our end-to-end model, market-leading products and technical expertise to collaborate with future-focused partners to deliver projects that lead to a better tomorrow.

Our established national network of over 650 locations is focused on your business and project success. From technical product support and innovation to our national supply chain, professional training and digital services, our trusted team of industry experts support civil projects of any scale with pace and agility. And we’re easy to deal with.


Leading supplier for large scale civil infrastructure projects.

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Reece Civil

From commercial plumbing to large scale civil infrastructure.

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Driving sustainability

We ensure our extensive product range and comprehensive solutions align with modern compliance.
And through Reece Cares, we drive initiatives that help create thriving and sustainable communities and promote the health and wellbeing of trades.


We’re focused on making our business more sustainable, so our customers can be too.


Reconciliation Action Plan

At Reece we understand that to be successful in our vision for Reconciliation, we need to help improve the lives of First Nations’ People.


Reece Cares

We care about making a difference. Reece Cares is our approach to the way we support our community.

Reece Cares