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Bathroom Renovation Inspiration with Elwood Trade Services

Wednesday, February 28th 2018

Return to the Powder Room

Here’s your latest bathroom renovation inspiration from Albert Park, Victoria. Discover key renovation insights, advice and imagery from Elwood Trade Services, brought to you by Reece Bathrooms.

thepowderroom reece bathrooms bath

If you’re stuck on how to tackle a solo bathroom renovation or simply don’t know where to start, we’ve got some real life bathroom renovation inspiration from Elwood Trade Services.
We talked to Deb, co-owner of Elwood Trade Services, to get a glimpse of how this bathroom renovation played out – from the big vision to the end result.

The brief

The owners of the Albert Park property are two local businessmen, who also happen to be brothers. With a clear vision of bringing fresh life to their holiday rental bathroom, the goal was to add an extra layer of glamour and luxury to the space. They wanted the bathroom to feel bigger, have a stronger connection to the rest of the house and but also remain highly functional.

The must-haves:
Double wall hung vanity with ISSY Oval Mirror Shaving Cabinets
Adequate vanity storage
Walk-in shower
Kado Lux Petite Freestanding Bath (a previous much-loved buy)

thepowderoom vanity before bathroom

What were the bathroom reno challenges?

As with all bathroom renovations, there are always challenges or specific aspects of the project to flag. This renovation had a strict timeline of four weeks, so it was imperative that product selection was quick and seamless, which is made possible by having the right supplier.

What were the big wins of the process?

On time! With the right level of planning, planning, and more planning, this job was a timeline success. The bathroom renovation was complete with a very fast turnaround. 
On budget! By partnering with the right suppliers, the project was complete within the client’s budget.

What are your favourite features the bathroom makeover?

The Kado Lux Petite Freestanding Bath – it’s classy, functional and stylish. We find it’s always a winner with our clients.
The tile choice in this bathroom was perfect – it really adds a subtle warmth to the room.
The skylight and windows create beautiful, soft natural lighting, which bounces perfectly off the ISSY shaving mirror cabinets.

thepowderoom vanity after bathroom2

Lessons learnt. What were some the key learnings during this renovation?

Be prepared. A client’s role during a bathroom renovation is just as important as the contractors they employ. Working with a client who has completed their own research and has a clear idea of what they want will always be advantageous to the renovation process – this renovation was a testament to this fact!

thepowderoom bath after bathroom

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