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Love It or List It – A brand new extension for a cramped Sandringham home.

Monday, December 17th 2018

Return to the Powder Room

In episode 12 of Love It or List It, Peter and Jackie’s Sandringham home is in desperate need of a makeover. See how Neale Whittaker transforms this tired California bungalow into a welcoming home.

the powder room love it or list it vanity

This week’s episode of Love It or List It has the renovation team visiting the sunny Bayside suburb of Sandringham, Victoria. We’re introduced to Peter and Jackie, whose California bungalow is the perfect blend of city and country living.

Peter grew up in country Victoria and prefers a traditionally styled, humble house. He thinks this could be their forever home – with a bit of work. Jackie is the polar opposite. She loves modern houses with open plan layouts and bright spaces. Jackie is not a fan of the home, and after having kids found herself even more exacerbated with the property. The separate kitchen means she has to run back and forth to supervise the kids, a lot of the rooms don’t get used, and the home has little natural light. Neale agreed, saying, “I can’t find any redeeming features. There’s no sense to me of this being a home”.

The renovation

Neale’s plan is to rip out the tired 1980s layout. His vision splits the difference between Peter’s love of character and Jackie’s craving for a modern home, with an eight metre extension that opens up the house into a large open plan kitchen, dining and living area. He’ll re-purpose the formal dining room as a master bedroom with a brand new ensuite,  giving them an extra bedroom in the process. “The dark 80s will be totally gone”, Neale said.

the powder room love it or list it vanity basin

The result

The new home is stunning. The high ceilings of the extension create a cathedral-like space that flows completely from kitchen to living, with direct sightlines into the garden. There are modern lines throughout for Jackie, but warmth and character for Peter with the use of oak accents and a soft grey colour palette. Jackie was stunned. “It feels like I’m in a hotel or something – like I’m in a dream”!

The new fourth bedroom added functionality where there had been an obsolete formal dining room. Greys and warm timber brightened the space and made it feel more modern, while the wallpaper added the traditional character that Peter loves. The fresh master suite also included a brand new ensuite for the couple.

The ensuite continued the trend of blending traditional and modern throughout the entire home. An industrial palette of grey and white is complemented by warm timber cabinetry. The wall hung ADP Essence MKII Vanity gives the ensuite a sense of spaciousness, with a matching Posh Solus Mirror Cabinet adding more storage. The Nikles Quatre Twin Waterrail means the ensuite caters to any showering preferences, and the frameless shower screen elegantly separates the shower zone. Small touches like the chrome Mizu Steam Shower Mixer and Mizu Stream Wall Basin Mixer give the ensuite a timeless look without sacrificing quality, and modern conveniences like the Milli Edge Mk2 Heated Towel Rail provide both style and comfort. Jackie said “it feels really bright, beautiful, and huge too”.

the powder room love it or list it shower timber vanity

Peter and Jackie couldn’t believe the changes that Neale had made. “We could never imagine an old house like ours could ever come up like this.”

The home had flow and each room had a sense of purpose. Neale managed to blend the couple’s tastes and create a home that would scale with their growing family. Even Andrew admitted that the house looked amazing. In a twist of events, the couple agreed to love it; but to also start work on renovating the other half of the house and list it in the next few years. They’re going to Love It and List It.

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