4 Of The Latest Bathroom Trends to Inspire Your Next Project in 2021

4 Of The Latest Bathroom Trends to Inspire Your Next Project in 2021

2020 saw us embrace the rejuvenating power of the bathroom like never before. We turned to our bathrooms as spaces to harness the power of wellness.

Because of that renewed focus of the power of the home, 2021 bathrooms trends are all about how we can support this idea — both immediately and in the long run.

These, in no particular order, are the four key trends shaping next year’s bathrooms.

1. Delivering long-term value

Above everything else, Australian renovators want to protect their investment by focusing on usefulness over time.

Think open spaces, wide and accessible showers and overheight toilets. As we move into 2021, this is shifting to include sensor toilet flush buttons and tapware—not just because of an increased focus on hygiene at home, but also long-term accessibility as needs change.

This open bathroom in Balmain, NSW, makes clever use of space to keep the room accessible to all.

2. Textures big & small

With more time spent at home, Australians are wanting to create textural moments in everyday pieces like tapware and basins.

A perfect example of this is the Milli Pure collection, which comes in a range of engraved textured dials as well as a range of colour finishes.

The texture on these tapware dials in this Mt Eliza ensuite are a great way to embed detailing on even the smallest of surfaces.

Texture also extends to new basin materials, from solid surface to SaphirKeraik (LAUFEN’s innovative ceramic), stainless steel & concrete. Read more about basin materials in our recent Blueprint article.

Finally, timber is also set to be a big player in texture, including wall sconces & detailing, as well as the most obvious location — vanities. The detail in a collection like ISSY Blossom, complete with marble handles & corian benchtops, is abundant in texture.

  • Textured timber, living textured tapware and an open plan space - this room has it all!

  • The ISSY Blossom range allows you to customise wood finishes, marble handles and corian benchtops.

The result is a bathroom which is a true expression of the homeowner down to the tiniest of details.

3. Hot topic: tapware

Natural finishes are on the rise as Australians become more accustomed to non-traditional colours in the bathroom. An emerging trend in 2020, this year will see more people taking a personal approach to their tapware.

Aged finishes such as living rustic bronze or tumbled brass, which naturally tarnishes over time, giving the appearance of a worn and much loved tap – but without losing any quality or functionality.

  • Three Birds Renovations used living rustic bronze for a deep & rich texture that will change over time.

  • Three Birds Renovations used living rustic bronze for a deep & rich texture that will change over time.

Gunmetal and brushed nickel are also strong contenders for straight-talking chrome, encroaching on Australia’s #1 tapware colour choice one mixer tap at a time.

4. It's no surprise…

That the pandemic has reminded us that health starts in the home, and a healthy home starts in the bathroom. Interest in Smart Toilets — with an integrated bidet that offers washing & drying functionality — is on the rise, starting from #ToiletPaperGate all the way to the end of 2020.

Hands-free hygiene, like this flush panel, will start to move into our homes.

Not all hygienic options need a remote control. Rimless toilet technology and innovative surfaces that remove waste immediately are also front of mind. Similarly, hands-free solutions like sensor flush panels, similar to the kind you may see at the airport, will start to contribute to the home’s hygiene factor.