5 Family Friendly Baths for Your Next Upgrade

5 Family Friendly Baths for Your Next Upgrade

If you’re searching for the perfect bath for your family home, there are many factors to consider — everything from size to style to brand. 

We’ve narrowed down the field of choice some of our popular family bathtubs, as seen in real Australian bathrooms. Each one is a little different, with unique benefits and size options to fit your home.

The go-to family favourite

Made by family centric brand Posh, the Posh Domaine Inset Bath offers modern, minimalist design at an affordable price point. If you have younger children, the soft square curves of the bath are perfect for comfort and safety, and with availability in three sizes, you can select the right one to fit both a compact or large bathroom space.

The contemporary centrepiece

Kado equals hotel luxury. The Kado Arc Freestanding Bath showcases not only a beautiful arc design, but also a raised back, delivering comfortable support for both adults and children. It’s also larger than a standard bath in length and height, promising a relaxing, immersive soak. If you have your heart set on a freestanding design and want a little extra flair, the Kado Arc is a great choice for your family — offering back support, safety and a unique look.

Another selection from the Kado range, the Kado Lussi Freestanding Bath is minimal in its design, with elegant curved edges. The organic shape of the bath makes it a safe design for younger children, while also offering an understated, versatile design to suit any family bathroom style. The solid surface material differentiates it from the usual acrylic or steel bath, with a smooth organic touch that feeds the senses. You’ll find the Kado bath a seamless fit with any family bathroom, offering integral practical benefits, with an on-trend aesthetic.

The hybrid bath

Emulating the look of a freestanding design, with only the rear of the bath flush to the wall, the Posh Domaine Back to Wall Freestanding Bath delivers the best of both worlds. The unique hybrid design is perfect for families with children, offering a ledge for storage and featuring soft curved edges for added safety. The design also makes cleaning a breeze, with no gap where dust or residue can accumulate – perfect for a space that is used by all family members, who may or may not be clean-focused.

Family-friendly with a soft-edged design and large sizing options, the KALDEWEI Puro Inset Bath With Overflow is a luxurious inset option made from pressed enamel steel. The pressed steel enamel of the bath is harder than acrylic, making it a great scratch and impact resistant choice, and a generous 30-year domestic warranty leaves you with the utmost confidence that your purchase decision will last you a lifetime.