3 Ways To Give Your Bathroom A Quick Glow Up Before The Holidays

3 Ways To Give Your Bathroom A Quick Glow Up Before The Holidays

Doesn’t it always feel like December comes around too quickly? Especially considering the year we have collectively experienced, it seems like the rush to get the home ready for guests – possibly for the first time since February – is palpable. Shelves need dusting, crockery needs cleaning (or locating) and the pressure is on.

But often forgotten about is the bathroom, which is the room that experiences the highest traffic over the holidays. It’s also the most difficult to spruce up in time for their arrival. Or so you thought. Here are three ways you can give your bathroom a quick glow up – and check out our Christmas Hit List at the end of the article.

Adjust the Accessories

Refreshing your accessories – or introducting some new ones – will have an immediate impact on your bathroom’s appeal, without spending much time or money.

Start with this Kado Arc accessories bundle, for example. While it’s on trend, the ladder provides extra towel racks (for when all of the kids need a post-beach shower) and the stool is a welcome addition for bathtimes – or just for somewhere to escape the madness. Each of the pack is also sold separately, so it’s worthwhile seeing how easily you could improve your bathroom’s functionality.

Accessories like this bamboo ladder from Kado Arc create so much space for everyone's towels.

While it won’t top the list to Santa, accessories like a freestanding LED mirror for guests or a soap dispenser or dish also help to keep the space useful and tidy.

Replacing your toilet roll holder or brush can immediately breathe new life into the space for very little investment, so look at the things you’ve grown accustomed to putting up with. Opt for a double towel rail or add a few hooks to empty wall space while you’re at it, to really amp up the capability of the space.

This requires a little bit of planning and if you’re booking a tradie to spruce up a few other faulty areas of the home, add these tasks to their list.

The Cygnet toilet from American Standard is just one of the brands we stock that's easily replaceable.

Replace frustrating fixtures

There’s nothing like a house of people telling you the towel rail is on the fritz to truly exhaust the Christmas spirit.

But there’s an easy enough fix. Whether it’s a towel rail that can’t hold up a damp towel or a toilet seat that’s more akin to riding a rollercoaster, you don’t need a massive outlay to resolve these problems – for your guests, and for yourself!

Towel rails come in many configurations and the great thing is so many of them can be retrofitted. Opt for a double rail instead of the singular one, or add another rail entirely to create space to air out towels.

Toilet seats can also be a real pain in the proverbial. However, with a number of brands and sizes out there, it’s easier to find a relevant replacement seat than you might think. Our top tip would be to choose a soft-close toilet seat. Get started with replacing your toilet seat with this handy measuring tool.

Milli's range of Exo tapware is great for retrofitting your current three piece set up.

Replace water outlets

A leaky tap or drippy shower can take you from post-wash bliss to frustrated & damp in a number of seconds. The good news – replacing taps & showerheads that have seen better days is relatively inexpensive & straightforward.

We have plenty of tapware that’s perfectly suited to retrofitting, such as the Mizu range and trendy Milli Exo. Similarly to tapware, showerheads are available in a number of different colours. If replacing your showerhead is on your to-do list, it’s a welcome opportunity to see which colours you may want to try, prior to committing to a full renovation.

Granted, these certainly aren’t DIY tasks because vanity units and tapware configurations can vary widely. Speak to your your plumber to ensure your new selection will work with your existing plumbing.