Shower Cleaning Hacks: 10 Simple & Quick Tips For Great Results

Shower Cleaning Hacks: 10 Simple & Quick Tips For Great Results

There’s just something about starting or ending the day in a glistening clean shower that’s pure bliss.

The great news is that there are some simple but effective hacks and tips for keeping your shower clean. We’ve collated our top tips, answering 10 frequently-posed shower cleaning questions to help you keep your shower sparkling and clean for longer.

What’s the best homemade shower cleaner?

It’s cheaper and more environmentally friendly to create your own shower cleaner, so here’s a recipe that could work for you. Combine a cup of bi-carb soda, a squirt of both vinegar and dishwashing liquid, and 2-3 drops of your favourite essential oils into a paste. Voila!

Be sure to flush out the dirt/scum regularly with water as you clean to ensure you’re washing it all away effectively.

What surfaces need their own type of cleaner?

We love beautifully smooth natural surfaces, but to keep them looking their best, your local supermarket will stock special cleaners for wood, stone or marble surfaces. Be sure to pay attention to their instructions to ensure you’re using the right cleaner for the right finish.

What tools do I need to clean my shower?

We recommend at least a sponge or brush with stiff bristles/steel wool and an old toothbrush. Sponges and brushes are great for larger areas like tiles, and an old toothbrush works perfectly for hard to reach nooks and crannies. A micro-fibre cloth is a great addition, too!

How do you clean a shower screen?

Great results are all in the technique, and the S pattern technique should be your go-to. Simply start on your right-hand corner of the shower and create an S pattern as you make your way down the surface.

Consider the addition of eucalyptus oil every now and then to help wash away soap residue – once every two weeks should be enough to keep it sparkling clean.

How do I stay dry when rinsing my shower?

If your showerhead can’t reach every corner of your shower space or doesn’t keep you dry while doing so, recycle an old ice cream tub or grab a plastic jug and run warm water down the surface or wall once scrubbed clean.

If it’s too much of a struggle, why not enjoy a shower once you’ve cleaned it yourself? Two washes in one!

How do I keep my shower door clean?

All the small folds, tracks and corners in the shower door may seem impenetrable but this is when an old toothbrush can come in handy. Use the same amount as you would toothpaste, with a good helping of elbow grease.

How do I clean tile grout?

Want to clean your grout but afraid of scrubbing it away entirely? Use the vinegar mix, let it rest for a few minutes then get a brush with stiff bristles to scrub the grout gently. Don’t use bleach or other harsh chemicals, as these can cause the grout to fall apart more quickly.

How do I clean my showerhead?

If wiping down the showerhead doesn’t work, consider removing and submerging the showerhead in a bag with vinegar overnight. Then rinse before reapplying to get rid of limescale and water deposit marks.

How do I clean water stains?

Struggling with stubborn water stains on metal fixtures like your door frame or shower mixer? The answer is in your fruit bowl. Cut a lemon in half and use it like you would a sponge to scrub the metal clean.

How often should I clean my shower?

Once a fortnight is fine. If you have a glass shower screen, be sure to implement preventative cleaning before and after your showers to limit excessive build up.