Talking Finishes: Three Ways To Use Matte Black In Your Next Project

Talking Finishes: Three Ways To Use Matte Black In Your Next Project

Versatile, flexible and full of character, it’s no secret that matte black is fast becoming a favourite finish in Australian bathrooms.

From statement pieces to everyday tapware that will stand the test of time, here are three ways matte black can be used to transform just about any bathroom space with its textural qualities and designer appeal.

The statement black

Bathrooms are now becoming the perfect platform to show off your personal style and make a statement, which black is perfect for.

If you’re not ready to use matte black everywhere in your bathroom, then adding a statement piece is a fantastic way to create a lasting impact and visual appeal.

Alape Scopio Basin in Matte Black

Pieces like Alape’s new matte black Scopio Basin show off the elegant curves of thin-edged steel, boasting architectural lines and a beautiful, durable black finish. Choosing a statement piece is a great option if you want to add wow-factor to your space without going all out.

The everyday black

Once reserved for designer hotel suites, matte black tapware has fast become a favourite for everyday Aussies thanks to its incredibly versatile nature, long wearing finishes and ease of maintenance.

What most people don’t realise is that matte black tapware is just as easy to maintain and clean as chrome, making it the perfect alternative if you’re looking to add some ‘wow’ factor to your space.

  • Posh Canterbury Tapware in Matte Black

  • Mizu Bliss Tapware in Matte Black

  • Mizu Bloc Tapware in Matte Black

  • Mizu Soothe Tapware in Matte Black

  • Mizu Stream Tapware in Matte Black

  • Mizu Drift Tapware in Matte Black

With a wide range of tapware available, like the elegant and traditional Posh Canterbury range, or any of Mizu’s five modern and playful collections, finding something that suits your personal style is certainly achievable.

The power of black and white

If you’re hesitant about overwhelming your bathroom space with one colour, then pair black and white, such as with the Alape Bi-colour basin or the Kado Neue freestanding bath in matte black & white.

Playful pieces like these can help break up the space and bring in contrasting crisp white features without losing out on the matte black colour story.

  • Kado Neue Freestanding Bath in Matte Black & White

  • Alape Bi-Colour Basin