The Perfect Drop: How To Choose The Right Shower Head

The Perfect Drop: How To Choose The Right Shower Head

Choosing the right shower head is one of the fastest ways to find bathroom bliss. Whether you’re working on a new build, a renovation, or simply swapping out an old shower head for something new, the right shower can truly transform your bathroom.

With many Australians ranking the shower as the most important part of the bathroom, we’re exploring all the options to help you choose the right shower solution for your daily dose of rejuvenation, relaxation, invigoration and more.

Decide on your priorities

“The first step is really just about narrowing down the options – figuring out what you like, what you’re replacing, and what kind of shower experience you prefer,” explains Reece Bathrooms consultant, Megan Gooding.

Let’s start with who is using the shower. If it’s the master ensuite, you might want to choose more advanced functionality than the shower head for the family bathroom. Or perhaps, space-permitting, indulge in two shower heads?

The next thing to consider is your style. There are a variety of shower head shapes, one to suit any bathroom style or theme – square, round or semi-rounded shapes.

This round shower head plus handheld microphone-style shower are both in Living Tumbled Brass, a material that ages as it's used.

Renovation, upgrade or retrofit

Been putting up with a trickle in the shower for too long? Dreaming of a hotel-type shower experience with variable pressure and consistent temperature?

Replacing an old shower head is one of the easiest upgrades you can make, and yet it can make a huge difference to your experience in the bathroom. It’s worth getting advice from your plumber on what parameters to keep in mind when choosing your new shower. The positioning of the water outlet will determine what’s available in replacement shower heads. When you know what types of shower head will work in your space and with your existing plumbing, our consultants can also help show you the range of shower heads you can choose from.

The Posh Domaine Shower range has multiple options available for retrofit projects, and the GROHE Power and Soul shower head comes with flexible fixings, allowing you to adjust the rail shower to be secured in existing holes.

If you’re building a new bathroom or completing a full renovation, there is a world of choice – in shape, style, and technology.

Twin rail showers come in so many styles, like this classic telephone-style shower mixer from Posh.

The latest in shower head technology

Gone are the days when showers came with a hopeful twist of the tap and a wish for your preferred pressure and temperature.

The advent of Thermostatic Mixers and programmable spray patterns has transformed showering and offers you the perfect shower, every time.

Here are some of our favourite shower options:

#1 For personalisation down to the last drop, innovative safety and sustainability features like Eco Stop flow control delivering safety and comfort for the whole family – and avoiding the risk of scalding - the Roca T-1000 Thermostatic Mixer is a great choice.

#2 To really get the most out of an overhead shower, not just a drenching but multiple spray patterns, consider the GROHE Smart Active and Smart Control Concealed Thermostatic Mixer. Tailor the spray pattern and water strength with GROHE PureRain and ActiveRain.

GROHE's Body & Soul shower heads have four different spray patterns for the ultimate in shower therapy.