Talking Trends: Three Tips for Creating a Calming Day Spa Bathroom

Talking Trends: Three Tips for Creating a Calming Day Spa Bathroom

Day spas provide a quiet retreat away from the hectic pace of life. With a clever design and the right materials you can create your very own day spa in the comfort of your home leaving you to relax and enjoy.

Take a page out of the Day Spa book with our key trend insights and top tips for nailing the look.

Building the look

Your Day Spa bathroom starts with the design and choosing soothing shapes. Rounded shapes – like the soft touch, textured Milli Pure taps, and the soft curve of a thin edged basin – create a sense of calm.

Timber, with its natural imperfections, immediately evokes a connection to nature and wellness. Greenery complements this connection to the outdoors, so choose indoor plants with plenty of leaves.

Schmidt Construction & Order and Grace, photographed by Simon Whitbread Photography

The must haves

How you prefer to bathe will inform what you bring into your Day Spa bathroom. If a shower rejuvenates you, look for an immersive spray that evokes natural rainfall like the GROHE Rainshower 360 Duo. Make it even more special with the inclusion of one-touch tech like thermostatic mixers. If a bath is your ideal happy place, look for one with a sleek profile and a thin edge like the Roca Inspira Freestanding Bath.

"The layering of materials and natural elements is key to designing the perfect wellness retreat."
Denise McIlwaine, Order and Grace

Wellness in every bathroom

Day spas don’t need to be huge, wandering spaces. In smaller rooms, that sense of harmony becomes even more important. Use a similar shaped basin and bath, and be consistent with your taps and accessory finishes. Bring in as much natural light as possible to connect with the outdoors and unlock that rejuvenating feeling.

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