The First Time Homebuyer: Four Products to Instantly Update Your Bathroom

The First Time Homebuyer: Four Products to Instantly Update Your Bathroom

As a first home buyer, there are some easy ways to breathe new life into your bathroom by improving on what’s there, without breaking the bank.

Budgeting to update your bathroom can be tricky, so we’ve selected a range of our wallet-friendly updates to help you start creating a bathroom that’s better than you imagined.

Colour coded

The easiest way to inject new life into the bathroom is to update the colour of your taps and accessories.

The Mizu range creates design cohesion as it spans everything from taps to showers and a range of accessories in four colour options. So, no matter whether you choose classic chrome or trend-forward finishes like brushed nickel, matte black or brushed gold, you can find a full suite of products in a variety of shapes to suit your bathroom.

Talking toilets

Swapping out an old toilet can be easily done with a back-to-wall suite. It has a sleek profile and is really straightforward to retrofit, especially if you follow the shape of the existing toilet so that you don’t need to disrupt the existing tiles or flooring.

Pro tip: know what you’re working with by knowing if your toilet is a p-trap or s-trap, and stick to the current set up.

Further to that, back-to-wall suites with new rimless technology – where there isn’t a rim in the toilet pan that can harbor bacteria – means the new toilet bowl is easier to clean too!

Changing your perspective

Ditching the all directional showerhead for a short twin shower will elevate the look you’re aiming to achieve, heighten your shower experience, and if the height it right easily retrofittable.

The handheld shower is also useful for cleaning the shower too, meaning you can deliver to style and improve function, all within your budget.

You can turn a small room into one that’s inviting and ventilated with one simple product. The Kado Lux 3 in 1 Heat Lamp Exhaust is engineered to keep your bathroom warm, dry and well lit, making for a more enjoyable experience and a cleaner space.

Climbing the walls

You’ll be able to clear clutter from your vanity and floor for a very small investment by making use of wall space. They’re often under-utilised in small bathrooms, but can really change how functional your space can be.

Tallboys and mirrors provide great storage where there previously wasn’t any and can come in a number of different configurations. Some come with in-built power points and others combine mirror storage and adjustible LED lighting for the ultimate mood lighting.