The Ultimate Checklist For Transforming Your Bathroom Into a Wellness Retreat

The Ultimate Checklist For Transforming Your Bathroom Into a Wellness Retreat

As we continue to rely on our homes to provide elements of relaxation and rejuvenation with more time spent indoors, our bathrooms are also undergoing a transformation to emphasise wellness and self-care, as we need it.

We know it’s not always easy to create a relaxing retreat amongst busy family life, so we’ve put together some tips on how to promote calmness for now, and ways you can emphasise self-care in the space when it comes to future bathroom updates.

Heated towels

There’s something pleasing about a warm towel, isn’t there?

For now: Simply rest your towel a safe distance from your wall heater so it’s ready to keep you toasty while you dry yourself off.

In the future: Upgrading to a heated towel rail is the ideal way to keep your towel warm every day, perfect for those challenging winter mornings.

Soothing scents

Nothing quite changes the mood of a room than scents that lift the soul.

For now: Candles and infusers are a great way to increase the feeling of wellness.

In the future: Invest in an electric diffuser and locate a discrete (and out of reach) place to plug it in. Essential oil diffusers are a great way to keep your bathroom smelling fresh whilst purifying the air.

Master Ensuite in Porter Davis' Waldorf Grange Home

Make everything within reach

Once you’ve collected all the things you need to relax, the next question is – where do you store it?

Now: A bath caddy is a great place to rest your glass of wine or tablet. Achieve a luxurious feel with bamboo or solid walnut, designed to withstand temperature fluctuations and for areas that are often wet.

In the future: If you know relaxing in the bathtub is your way of unwinding, consider how the design of your new bathroom can help you achieve this. For example, could you benefit from a ledge to rest the iPad on - away from the bath? Or perhaps a niche to rest a speaker in?

Accessorise for a minimalist look

Visual clutter is a sure-fire way to overwhelm the space and impact the mood of a relaxed bathroom.

Now: Reorganise the clutter in your bathroom leaving only the simplest of necessities (such as a pretty soap) in sight.

In the future: Installing a reusable soap dispenser with no branding will add an element of sophistication and calm to the bathroom. Choose a finish or material that matches your tap an\d accessory finish for added cohesion.

Out of sight, out of mind

While it’s easier said than done, having a space for everything means you can relax and clear your mind or any extra duties that need to be done during your me-time.

Now: Consider a small basket for towels or toilet paper and trays for your vanity top.

In the future: Storage solutions come in all sizes, from recessed shaving cabinets to tallboys. Even a sleek unit will make a small space feel more functional.

Main Bathroom by Sara & Hayden - The Block 2018

Love your lighting

A simple trick to changing the atmosphere of a bathroom is through the lighting.

Now: Try using a lamp like a salt lamp with a warm glow to create a relaxed vibe in your bathroom.

In the future: Consider LED, with accessories like the Kado LED mirror that allow you adjust the light for any occasion. Whether it’s a warm light for an evening in the tub or cool light to facilitate your end of day skincare routine.

Bring the outdoors in

The impact of the great outdoors on our wellness is well known, so embrace natural elements in your bathroom.

Now: It’s relatively easy to get plants delivered or from your local florist, so find a vase and a corner to place it in that’s out of the way.

In the future: When designing your new bathroom consider how indoor plants will work in the space. Look into which plants are made for the bathroom in the long run, some plants like begonias thrive in moist environments.

Master Ensuite by Deb & Andy - The Block 2019

Keeping it fresh

It’s easy to forget about the difference cool air can make in a humid bathroom. Circulating fresh air is a simple way to create a soothing, comfortable environment.

Now: If you have a door stopper or any old books lying around, tack back your door and let the air flow (ensuring there’s enough privacy in the home of course).

In the future: When planning your new bathroom consider adequate ventilation. Ensuring plenty of airflow will guarantee a more relaxing environment.

Music for every mood

Whether it’s to pump you up in the morning, or to unwind to in the evening, music changes how you feel and use your space.

Now: Connect your phone to your portable speaker and you’ve got yourself some mood music (but be sure to place the electronics away from any wet areas).

In the future: There’s nothing worse than listening to a track that doesn’t fit the mood because it’s inconvenient to get up out of the bath or shower. A voice control speaker is not only safer but ensures a no-fuss, relaxing bathroom experience.

While you’re at it, check out our Day Spa at Home playlist, perfect for soaking away your worries and reinvigorating your mind.