Creating a Child-Friendly Bathroom

Creating a Child-Friendly Bathroom

Exciting new additions to the family mean a change in living space, the bathroom included. Of course, safety, organisation and maintenance all come into play - as well as making sure that your bathroom suits the big kids too.

Here are our top three things to consider when you’re planning a child-friendly bathroom.

Opt for inbuilt safety

We know that kids love to play at bath time, and so that they can maximise the fun without running risks, we recommend a design that factors in the below tips:

  • Non-slip surfaces are essential. For true peace of mind, look to textured surface tiles throughout the floor of the whole bathroom.
  • In the shower, consider solid surface shower floors like the Roca Cyprus Stone Shower Floor, designed with a textured finish specific for the shower, good for maintaining grip and avoiding slipping.
  • Consider smart tech. Thermostatic mixers ensure that your shower delivers a consistent water temperature, avoiding dangerous scalds.
  • When selecting your bathroom’s style, consider baths and basins with soft, rounded edges to reduce the harm a slip or bump can cause.
  • Opt for swiveled taps for added safety, like the Posh Solus Swivel Bath Outlet, which you can swivel out of the way once the bath has been filled.

Swivel bath outlets are great to prevent little ones bumping their head.

Plan an organised space

In a busy family bathroom, organisation is the key to keeping everyone happy, take note of the following tips to ensure a clean space:

  • Choose a vanity with an open shelf like the Posh Domaine All-Drawer Plus Shelf. It lets everyone see where their toiletries and toys belong, and may just encourage them to start partaking in some organisation themselves.
  • Look to handy hooks to store towels, bathrobes and other items, keeping the floor and other surfaces tidy.
  • If you have a smaller bathroom space, look to portable storage, a valuable addition that’s great for keeping toys out of the way. Just make sure it’s properly secured so it can’t be tipped over.

Wall hung toilets make cleaning easy.

Less time maintaining means more time for fun

Less time spent maintaining your bathroom means more time having fun with your family. These hacks help you to streamline the time it takes for you to look after your bathroom:

  • Consider large-format tiles that are easier to clean, more hygienic and require less grout, which is often a cleaning nuisance.
  • A wall hung toilet like the Roca Meridan Wall Hung makes the task of cleaning around the toilet easy—because you don’t have to, making the bathroom floor much easier to mop.
  • Children love to splash in the bath, which can create problems with moisture buildup. When choosing tiles, wall-to-floor tiles will keep your walls safe and dry, or opt for good quality water-resistant paint.