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Enjoy shower happiness with the press of a button.

Monday, February 11th 2019

Return to the Powder Room

Thermostatic technology is here - a tech-advancement in the bathroom that’s set to make your morning and nightly shower routine so much better. It’s temperature and pressure control at its best. Find out how it works and why you need it in your bathroom.

the powder room grohe smartcontrol shower chrome

Imagine pressing a button on a cold winter morning and having your shower reach your preferred temperature and pressure in seconds. No frantically turning taps to get it right - just a wonderful shower exactly how you like it, every single time. This is not some amazing future technology. It’s called thermostatics, and it’s now available in Australian shores from international leading brands Roca, American Standard and GROHE.

A big word for a simple idea.

While many may not have heard the term before, thermostatic technology has been popular in Europe for some time. Thermostatic mixers allow you to pre-set your preferred water temperature and water pressure. So, every time you jump in the shower, you can enjoy the same consistent experience – effortlessly.

the powder room thermostatics roca 03

Save on water, energy and avoid danger.

The advantages of thermostatics don’t end with perfect control. The mixers are designed with maximum temperature and heat limiters to prevent the chance of scalding - a great feature if you have young children in the house. What’s more, Roca thermostatics incorporate features like EcoStop®, which limits water consumption and energy. Overall, thermostatic technology as helps to save water and energy, because the water reaches your ideal temperature much faster.

Fear no dishwasher.

Thermostatic mixers constantly regulate the mix of hot and cold water, and react to sudden temperature changes to prevent unpleasant temperature fluctuations. This means the thermostatics maintain your desired water temperature even when someone turns on another appliance in the house. You’ll never have to fear the washing machine or the dishwasher when you’re in the shower again.

the powder room thermostatics grohe 02

The latest designs and models on the market.

What’s out there right now? Take a look at the thermostatics available and their design highlights.

GROHE SmartControl Concealed Thermostatic Mixers.

We love the slim profile and minimalist design. It is available in both two and three button mixers, for total flexibility. You can switch between or even combine different spray patterns and water outlets from the one unit. GROHE's StarLight® finish means the mixer will remain durable and look pristine for years to come.

Roca Concealed Thermostatic Mixers.

Roca theromostatic products come in two designs to suit the shape and style of your bathroom, with the T-1000 model packed in an intuitive round design, and the L90-T a soft square. Roca T-1000 and L90-T are also available with a single mixer, or a mixer with diverter – allowing you to switch between two different water outlets. Roca thermostatics feature EverShine® technology, an electrolytic coating that allows ease of cleaning and prevents corrosion, scratching and guarantees brightness through the lifetime of the product.

American Standard EasySET with Concealed Thermostatic Mixer.

This product is designed with a separate mixer and EasySET controls to manage different water outlets. In addition, the American Standard EasySET PreSet Controller allows the user to simply set everything as it was in the previous shower with the press of a button. It’s designed to be installed outside of the shower, so you can just set it and step in.

the powder room thermostatics 01

Exciting times ahead.

A quickly evolving field of bathroom innovation, thermostatics are set to revolutionise how we use water in the home. We are now starting to see a new generation of thermostatic products that are taking convenience and comfort to a new level, and can’t wait to see where tech leads throughout the whole bathroom space.

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