Water Sustainability: Joost Bakker Shares His Advice on Water-Smart Homes

Water Sustainability: Joost Bakker Shares His Advice on Water-Smart Homes

Melbourne artist and ‘no waste’ champion Joost Bakker has gone to new lengths to highlight how we can take steps towards preserving the incredible life-force that is water. 

His newest project, Greenhouse by Joost is a two-bedroom sustainable greenhouse that shelters, feeds and provides energy for its inhabitants in Melbourne’s Federation Square.

We caught up with Joost to talk about the innovative project and find out how we can strive to protect water now and in the future.

Recognising the resource

We all value water differently. You might be a swimmer, a farmer or an avid tea drinker. Whatever the connection, we can’t survive without it. Joost has built a career off sustainability so his relationship to the resource runs deep.

"After clean air, water is the most valuable resource on earth. It’s abundant with ten times more water falling on Melbourne than we use. Yet we have somehow complicated our ability to harvest and reuse this life force."

Water saving tips

Australians have lived through drought, so whether you’re from the NT or Tassie, water saving techniques shouldn’t be a foreign concept–but it’s easy to fall off the wagon.

"Stop rinsing your dishes before you put them in the dishwasher."

If you’re a green thumb he says, “grow food in wicking beds, this ensures there is no loss of water or nutrients and is brilliant at holding on strong rainfall.”

Water conserving in the home

So, you’re taking the plunge to see what you can do to save water at home. Finding the perfect plumber to take you on the journey is key.

"I believe it is important to work with people within your close community, asking your local Reece store is a great way to connect with the community that can help you implement change."

Understanding that change comes from people working together. Joost considers World Water Day a fantastic time to look to your immediate surrounds, friends and family, to take the next step in water conservation.

The ultimate Greenhouse

Joost’s new project Greenhouse is a two-bedroom masterclass in sustainability, not to mention its stunning Melbourne CBD location.

“Water harvesting is critical and logical. Melbourne has incredibly clean rainwater and simple filters allow for the water to be used for all sorts of things, including cooking.”

Harvesting is a key component of what Joost does to make this home functional, adding “we also harvest steam from our shower and directly pump this into our Mush Room that sits directly behind the shower wall.”

A range of sustainable products also bolster Joost’s mission, from toilets to washing machines, “we installed a brilliant Roca W+W toilet that holds water from washing your hands for the next flush.” Yabbies, fish and freshwater muscles also flourish within this sustainability haven.