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Piping and fittings are the heart of what we do. We don't compromise on quality and stock only the best plumbing supplies from world leading brands. With a large range of pipe and fittings, we'll have what you need to get the job done.

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No matter how big or how small the job is, we've got the plumbing supplies to get the job done.

Poly & Pressure

Poly pipe is a flexible pipe that can be used in a wide range of applications including drinking water, recycled water, gas and rural irrigation. Pressure pipe can withstand high pressure tolerances both internally and externally. Poly & Pressure fittings come in a wide range of sizes and styles that can bend, join or adapt to suit your needs.

  • Pressure Pipe PVC - Suitable for a wide range of pressure applications including; pressure sewerage, gas and much more.
  • Poly Pipe & Fittings - The flexibilty of PE Pipe allows it to be used in a wide range of applications like irrigation and drinking water.

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    Poly & Pressure


    Copper is a commonly used piping system for both gas and water applications. Copper pipe allows for the flexibility of using both hard drawn or annealed coils. Copper pipe can be pressed using >B< Press, push fit, flared or welded.

  • Plumbing Copper Tube - Copper tube used in both gas and water applications.
  • Copper Press Fittings - >B< Press are the worlds leading brand in copper press fittings.
  • Copper Coils - Annealed copper coils allow flexibility for both gas and water applications.
  • Refrigeration Copper Tube & Fittings - Specific fittings and tubing to suit the demands of refrigeration.
  • Copper Fittings - Fittings that can be welded or push fit to connect copper piping.
  • Breeches - Bath, shower and sink breeches are used behind the wall to connect taps to the outlet.
  • Capillary Fittings - Capillary fittings can be welded to connect copper pipe.

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    PEX pipe is made of flexible and durable materials, making installation fast and easy. With industry leading brands like Rehau, Duopex, Auspex and EvoPEX. It doesn't matter whether you push, compress or crimp, we've got a piping system for you.

  • EvoPex - A revolutionary push fit system that allows for rapid and safe installation.
  • Auspex - Auspex is Australia's leading manufacturer of PE-X pipe and crimp fittings.
  • Duopex Gas - A complete crimping system used for rapid installation of gas pipe.
  • Duopex Water - A crimping system used in the installation of water applications.
  • Rehau - For over 50 years Rehau has been creating plumbing solutions for both water and gas applications.

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    Stormwater pipe is a PVC pipe used in the drainage of excess rainfall and ground water. Stormwater pipe comes in a wide range of sizes and fittings.

  • SWV Pipe - Stormwater pipe used in the drainage of excess rain or ground water.
  • SWV Fittings - Stormwater fittings used to connect stormwater pipe, adapt to downpipe and much more.
  • Agroflex / Draincoil - Slotted or unslotted flexible pipe used to drain excess water.
  • Rubber Connections - Flexible rubber couplings and adaptors used to connect and adapt pipe.

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    DWV PVC & Sewer

    DWV PVC pipe and fittings are used in non-pressure sewer, waste, ventilation and drainage in both above and below ground applications.

  • DWV PVC Pipe - Non pressure rated pipes used in the drainage of sewer and waste.
  • DWV PVC Fittings - Non pressure rated fittings used to connect DWV pipe.
  • Draincoil - Slotted or unslotted flexible pipe used to drain excess water.
  • DWV PVC Traps - Used to prevent the unwanted flow of water.
  • Rubber Connections - Flexible rubber couplings and adaptors used to connect and adapt pipe.

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    Geberit high density poly offers both below and above ground drainage solutions. Geberit uses high density poly pipe, offering high impact and abrasion resistance whilst maintaining the flexibility of multiple connection options.

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    Brass fittings

    Brass fittings come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and thread to help you connect, reduce or adapt pipe and fittings for both gas and water.

  • Screwed Brassware - Brass bushes, elbows, reducers and nipples used to connect male and female fittings.
  • Flared Fittings - Used to adapt and connect flared copper to male or female fittings.
  • Nylon Olive - Used with brass flared fittings.
  • Capillary Fittings - Welded onto copper and used to connect and adapt to male and female fittings.
  • Tube Bushes - Welded onto copper and used as a bush for both male and female thread.
  • Conetite & Copper Olive - A flared coper fitting with an included copper olive.
  • Test Points - Allows for easy and convenient access for temperature and pressure equipment.
  • Hose Barbs - Used to attach a male of female fitting to a hose.

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    Brass Fittings


    Irrigation pipe and fittings are used in a wide range of home and commerical garden applications, from watering residential garden beds to full scale irrigation systems.

  • Micro Irrigation Pipe & Fittings - Fittings, adaptors and clips used to connect irrigation pipe.
  • Dripline - Used in irrigation to slowly drip water a garden.

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    Steel & galvanised pipe are a strong and durable form of piping that has multiple uses in plumbing and irrigation and can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications.

  • Galvanised Steel Pipe & Fittings - A strong and durable pipe used in multiple plumbing applications.
  • Stainless Steel Pipe & Fittings - Strong and durable pipe used across a wide range of temperatures and applications.
  • Clamps & Gaskets - We supply a large range of clamps and gaskets in a wide range of sizes.
  • Flanges - Steel flanges utilises copper coating technology to provide a superior corrosion resistance.

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    Piping systems are at the heart of what you do, supplying water and gas to millions of homes, businesses, schools and hospitals around the country is a crucial service. So why do that with anything but the best?

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    Leading Piping and Fitting Brands


    For nearly 20 years Auspex has been Australia’s leading manufacturer of PE-X pipe and fittings. Committed to Australian plumbers working in Australian conditions, Auspex create solutions to save plumbers time and ensure reliability


    Rehau has been creating highly innovative plumbing solutions for over 50 years. Each product that carries the Rehau name stands as a symbol of technical excellence.


    EvoPEX™ is a revolutionary step forward in potable water systems, allowing for rapid installation along with safe and highly efficient water delivery throughout the home.


    A complete gas crimping system that makes rapid installation of 16mm through to 63mm gas pipe possible.

    >B< Press

    Supported by over 110 years of history >B< Press uses a mechanical three point press design giving plumbers a secure, life long, leak-proof joint.

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