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Dimax now has it all - fittings, valves and pipe.

Dimax is leading the civil industry forward, now with its complete ductile iron offerings of fittings valves and pipe. Manufactured to the highest tolerances, we’ve engineered this ductile iron range specifically for Australian conditions.

  • 100 Years of experience

    Setting a new standard in Ductile Iron with over 100 years of experience behind us.

  • Built for Australian Conditions

    Our in-house testing lab ensures Dimax not only meets, but exceeds Australian standards.

  • Comprehensive Support

    Along with our national network of experts, we can also provide unique installation training.

    Value Assured Fittings

    Completing the Dimax product range, fittings have been added to the product mix, providing you complete confidence and continuous support for your jobs. Backed by more than 100 years experience in the industry, Dimax brings a new level of performance and reliability to the market.


    Quality Ductile Valves

    All Dimax valves are manufactured to the highest tolerances specifically for Australian conditions, and tested at our in-house testing lab. So when you choose Dimax, you can have complete confidence that you’re choosing unrivaled quality.


    The Dimax Advantage

    With our latest Dimax Z+ protective coating, sleeving of DI Pipe is becoming a thing of the past. Dimax Z+ is an active corrosion protection system which allows for quicker and safer installations by removing the requirements for sleeving and providing a more robust coating capable of handling the rigours of transport and installation.


    Pipe range overview

    The Dimax TYTON range offers versatility across a wide range of pipeline demands.

    • XCEL Z+
      XCEL Z+

      TYTON XCEL Z+ features our unique Zinc/Aluminium alloy coating with Rare Earth Metals, finished in a blue Synthetic Resin. The internal lining uses a standard Sulphate Resisting Cement with an optional seal coat, ideal for Potable and Raw Water.

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      XTREME Z+

      TYTON XTREME Z+ features our unique Zinc/Aluminium alloy coating with Rare Earth Metals, finished in a red Synthetic Resin. The internal lining utilises Calcium Aluminate Cement which is highly resistant to chemical attacks, ideal for Sewer and Waste Water.

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      XCEED Z+

      TYTON XCEED Z+ features our unique Zinc/Aluminium alloy coating with Rare Earth Metals, finished in a black Synthetic Resin. This high grade pipe also features a Polyurethane internal lining that is chemically inert, lighter and increases flow rates, suitable for most applications.

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